Well, I really hope those last several blogs got the wheels rolling and each of you is getting the idea that maybe there might be a few things you can do to help yourself!

If you have any questions or would like some help…PLEASE do not hesitate to ask. It’s what we do, and will not be an imposition!

As touched upon in the previous blogs, there are simply too many people holding themselves up as “experts”, and sadly, even more people who are being harmed by those who feel they finally know something in this life and to hell with everyone else!

That is a heavy statement, and I hope to goodness I am never tossed into that trash heap.

I study all the time, and come across things that I think might help people and so I share them with whoever will listen.

Many years ago I played guitar. I was never really good, but I could entertain myself.

At that time I had a friend who played in a band and he showed me a few magic tricks on the guitar. For a while there I really sounded like someone who knew what they were doing. The tricks didn’t make me a guitar player but I kind of felt like one, and more importantly, these minor successes encouraged me to keep playing, something that had I continued, who knows… maybe I would have become a real guitar player.

It’s these minor wins and successes that encourage people on their paths. Confidence is a very magical elixir and as one gains confidence in some endeavor, the sky is the limit.

As one reads my blogs I hope they find some of those “magic” tricks that will make them know that they can, and encourage them to study further and in time, much like Pinocchio… one day become a real boy! LOL.

All too often people start on too steep of a gradient, and everything looks impossible and they quit. That might be okay for some things, but certainly not where one’s health and future are concerned.

One has the idea that they need to eat more healthy foods so they go to Whole Foods and drop $500 on “good for you” things, and then find they have nothing to eat when they are hungry. So they quit knowing it costs too much to starve themselves to death!

Too steep of a gradient.

It’s best for the person to find something they can do, perhaps drink half their body weight in ounces of water each day. See what happens.

As the person starts to feel a little better, or perhaps a lot better, he or she can now raise the bar and add short walks to their work day.

As one achieves, one begins to look for new challenges, and in a short while, one might find himself somewhat healthier and in better control of their wellness and health.

This too is something that we can help you do at Paragon Chiropractic- find the things you can do, help you do them, and guide you along your path until you tell us, “Hey, I got this!”

Hurray! You’ve arrived!

I tell you this because I threw an awful lot at you over the past few months of blogs, and while all of the information could change your life for the better in a few short weeks…, how do you start?

Quite simply find something that makes sense, determine how you can do it, and give it a try seeing how well it works for you. Be sure to do so on a gradient scale, a scale that works for you.

But please don’t say it’s too hard, and toss your health potential onto the scrap heap.   Paragon Chiropractic is here to help…,

And having given up, there are plenty of people out there who have an easy shortcut for you, and for the low, low price of…, you too, can wish you were never born! LOL! Nooooooooo…,

Baby steps along a gradient scale of your choosing, starting at a point that you feel you can do, and step by step you will arrive, and Paragon Chiropractic, even me, Ole’ Dr. Dave will start with you and walk along your path as far as you would like us to.

Okay, I’ll leave it at that for now and encourage you to let us know if you need our help. Step by step, rung by rung… you too can stop feeling like dung!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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