Thanks for following along!

Readers of these blogs have asked me to continue writing so…, here we go!

As usual, I have continued to study, and have found a whole lot of “stuff” everyone should know about, or at least think about from time to time.

To me, any data that one can use to put the controls of their living back into their hands is very uplifting and hopeful.

All too often the data is presented in terms that are difficult to understand, or in such a manner as to cause one to feel a sense of fear or hopelessness as it is all too difficult, and if one fails… so ends civilization and mankind. Tooooo heavy!

My hat, albeit a self-appointed job, is to present all of this incredible research in terms that can be understood, and be another voice helping people to find a starting point that is acceptable to them, one they know they can do, and encourage the first steps along a gradient scale that they can actually do, until one day that person says,

“Hey, look Mom! No Hands!”

In doing so one improves the quality of their livingness and expands the length of their health spans to approximate those of their life spans- meaning you are healthy for most of your life.

To spend a lot of time telling you,

“It’s all bad over there, and they don’t know what they are doing, and they are all trying to make you sick for profit, and, and, and….”

This only causes one to be afraid, and this fear oddly enough causes one to “pull in” upon them that which they were so afraid.

Oh, and by the way… this is not healthy!

In fact, seriousness simply doesn’t work either, and neither do serious people trying to tell you serious stuff because; well… this is all so serious! Serious people and serious stuff need to be thrown out the window if you ask me.

Being serious about one’s health and well-being is kind of a pointlessly frustrating path toward a known end…we don’t make it! Bodies die.

On the other hand, games work, play works, laughter works, taking on challenges, risks, and dares along a potentially dangerous path…that will work too!

I think this is considered living if I’m not mistaken! That will definitely work!

Alright, I’ll leave it at that for now, because the next part is going to be a little heavy.

Until then…,

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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