Okay! And Hello!

Well, I hope I haven’t lost anyone with all that woo-woo stuff, but it really has to be understood or at least considered.

The alternative?

Drugs, surgery, unhappiness, and suffering at the hands of the processed foods and sugar cartels, that make us sick, and the pharmaceutical companies licking their chops to put us on over 20,000 drugs they manufacture to keep us well enough to get sick enough to need more pills.

And for what?

Metabolic diseases and disorders and chronic inflammatory conditions are not only caused by unhealthy lifestyles and violation of circadian codes but are also “cured” by healthy lifestyles and adherence to our primal blueprints and circadian codes.

One can make an internet search of all the top killer diseases, you know them all….. cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke…, each one considered a disease, but each one is nothing more than a symptom of the body doing its best to survive in a world it is not designed to live in.

And to me, what lies at the root of it all?

That spiritual being, and its ignorance- not wanting to know, and arrogance- that it thinks it already knows!

I think you can get a better idea of why I am such a proponent of study.

A truly wise man knows that he doesn’t know, and an even wiser one will take a look and go find out!

So what I am suggesting is that there might be something to be known about bodies and the physical universe, and you the spiritual being, the life energy can learn and simply make it go right.

The spiritual being is immortal, bodies and planets aren’t.  So what needs to change? What’s the only thing that can change?

If you said, “Me!” You are correct!

Get yourself squared up, learn the rules, and take responsibility for this incredible planet, and the life we find on this incredible playground, for without it there is truly nothing… and I do mean nothing!

Alright, as I said earlier, if you are interested in knowing more about how to handle the spiritual being, please let me know. It’s too heavy of a topic for a blog (not that has stopped me before!)

I would love to talk to you and show you what I know.

Now, as far as our bodies are concerned, there is an interesting therapeutic philosophy that is emerging and while I did not coin the term, I love it as though I did, and that is Evolutionary Medicine.

Rather than treating individual diseases and disorders, this would involve treatments, therapies, and lifestyle changes that align with the evolutionary genetics of our bodies.

We’ve been around for billions of years, why not tap into that wisdom and live?

As things look now, do you really think science and the powers that be will have us surviving another 10 years let alone another billion?

I’m not suggesting that we all go find a cave somewhere, and hunt dinosaurs, but if we are to survive, if our species is to survive we must help our bodies align with their genetic codes, and not the latest drugs, surgeries, or processed wonder foods.

Rather than creating a world that is becoming increasingly impossible for our bodies to survive on, why don’t we as spiritual beings…, those things that don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t exercise, don’t die, and could probably live on the sun, if it wanted to, why don’t we use these bodies and the material universe and play games that are much cooler than suffering, loss, death, tragedy, despair, sickness…?

At this point, if I’ve got you “sold” on the idea of the spirit learning about not only this planet and bodies but also about itself, then the next question is,

“How do I start?”

That is a great question, and while I would love to tell you to eat ju ju berries each day, it’s not that easy.

These past several blogs have not been meant to tell you what to do, but rather to try and get you “sold” on the idea that you can do something to help yourself and create a lifestyle that aligns with what you believe to be most important to you.

Where Paragon comes in, is that we can help you on your journey- for that is exactly what it is…, your journey!

Please let me know what we can do to help.

Until Next Blog…,

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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