Well, thank you for reading along, and I hope you found something to consider and helpful from those last many, many blogs!

If you get what I’m saying, a person really needs to understand, if they are going to understand! I know, sounds a bit esoteric, but think about it.

Recall all of the many video clips and sound bites you’ve heard over the past couple of years…, most are people trying to “prove” to you how right and sane they are by showing you how insane and wrong everyone else is, right?

And most importantly and perhaps most vitally how insane and wrong you are if you don’t listen to them, believe what they are saying, and most importantly, do what they say!

How does it make you feel? Saved? Better? Hopeful?

Not one bit. In fact, it all drives your tone level down, you know, your mood- one moment you are happy and things look like they are heading in the right direction, and after listening to all the garbage, a person wants to jump in front of a bus. Kind of like being a Pittsburgh Steelers or Pirates fan!

Odd thing is that the lower a person’s tone level goes, you know like from cheerfulness down into anger, or fear or terror and ultimately apathy, the more susceptible to poor health, depression, disease, and perhaps, even death that person becomes.

One truly lives in the world they think they live in.

This is why it is so important that a person understand, and you most certainly know what understanding feels like, right?

Lights come on, there is lightness and a sense of harmony, one feels like he or she can do something about it, there is hope, a direction, one simply knows- things don’t look so scary and hopeless.

One has to keep in mind that it is not necessarily the “bad” stuff and craziness that might wipe a person out, but the lowering of his emotional tone level, and the belief that all are dangerous and harmful.

We have seen this with studies concerning stress…, stress is not harmful, dangerous, or even life-threatening in and of itself, in fact, it is good; unless…, a person is of the opinion or belief that the stress is harmful to them and will shorten their life. Then it usually will. Pretty wild!

I’ll give you a moment to think about all of that and consider how most of the things a person reads in the paper, hears on the news, (funny word, “news” especially when it is little more than the same old crap!), watches on YouTube, or even Social Media…, how most of it is meant to make a person think he lives in a crazy and dangerous world…,

“Oh, but Dr. Dave… WE DO!!!!!!”

Well, they got you!

The less one understands, the lower his emotional tone level drops and the more and more susceptible he or she becomes to being over-whumped by all of the crap they’ve been listening to and watching.

How is it that the world seems to be getting more and more dangerous and insane as a person pays more and more attention to the media?

It’s not a coincidence.

But to my earlier point, if you understand this- that this lowering of a person’s emotional tone into anxiety, despair, fear, terror, grief, apathy, and eventually body death is how one falls out of the bottom and into the miserable world each of us is supposed to believe exists, and in fact, create by living in these lower emotional tone levels.

I’m not trying to make you sad, or worse, but….

If someone can make you think you are a body, and then show you all the horrible things that can happen to the human body, then soon that person will get the idea that all of these horrible things can happen to them and those they love, right?

Good thing we are not bodies, and are instead spiritual beings!

This is why I spent the past 20 or more blogs trying to simplify the care and maintenance of the human body. Sleep, time-restricted eating, exercise, and sunlight, remember? All roads should lead to getting quality sleep.

My son Austin told me that he recently was listening to a speaker who said that if one could put sleep with all of its many life and health-promoting benefits into a capsule and sell it to the public, it would be banned as a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED). Sleep does that much for a person.

Okay, as usual…, I am getting long-winded, and I still have so much more to say!

Take home message?

A person’s body, and the state of that body, is nothing more than a physical universe manifestation of that person’s attitudes, thoughts, and decisions, right?

It is the result of what a person thinks, believes, and does or doesn’t do, right?

And as such, it is the most real thing simply because everyone can see his body and those of others, right?

And so if one wanted to be healthy and be well, he would do things and change the body, right?


The body and its health and wellness status are the results of one’s thoughts and decisions, and the time to make changes and/or corrections to the body, if one is unhappy with what he sees, is much earlier in the process, so it would be much better to work on the thinker, than the thought, right?


Until next time,

Dr. Dave

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