I would like to thank you for continuing to read along, and I hope any new readers aren’t too lost! There are a lot of blogs, but if one were to go back a couple of months and read forward they will quickly find themselves up to speed.

These blogs are essential health and wellness blogs, but there is so much more to doing well and getting the most out of life than eating 5 carrot sticks, doing 10 pushups, and doing what you are told to do by those who claim to know what’s best for you!

If those who followed this course were still alive, they would certainly tell you this is not the path to a long and prosperous life!

As described in an earlier blog, one must study.

One should set aside time each day for personal enhancement…, in other words, study.

I spend close to 2 hours each day reading, listening to lectures, and just plain studying. No, not all at one time, but rather throughout the day. I would love to dedicate several hours at a time, but like you, I have a lot to do!

But, studying is so important.

If one considers the biggest game of all, the game of life…, how can one expect to play, let alone win if one has been fed a steady load of crap about life and living, and health and wellness from day one?

And perhaps there is nothing to know about this game called life anyhow, but one can learn and decide for themselves, right? A person can decide what they want to be, what they want to do, and what they want to have, right?

So, and this is the point of almost every blog I write, you are the creator of your life and the world you live in.

I am not the person to tell you what is best for you, and what you should and shouldn’t do…, go find out for yourself!

Please know that I am not yelling at you to do so, simply encouraging you, in fact pleading with you to do so, because we all count on each of us getting it. Go find out what works for you, then do it…, and most importantly let me know what you’ve discovered!

If you’ll recall from the earlier blogs, the circadian stuff- proper sleep, nutrient-dense food eaten in a time-restricted window, sunshine, and exercise aligns with the genetic blueprint of the body; in fact, the circadian code, and the body’s genetic blueprint evolved from over billions of years of partnership with the natural world, and when followed, the body is able to grow, repair, rejuvenate and reproduce all according to that internal blueprint.

For as wondrous as our bodies are, they really are not these mysterious organisms that only science and doctors can know about…, practice basic hygiene, get basic check-ups from time to time, follow the circadian code, pay attention to yourself- you know, your body telling you, “This is good and helpful, and this is not!”, and FOR GOSH SAKES, LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There, now you’ve got bodies figured out. Not much mystery there after all.

So what’s the problem?

Honestly, it’s tooooooo simple, that’s all!

Seriously, eat actual food- not sugary, processed crap, get plenty of sunlight and exercise, and most important of all SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow the evolutionary blueprint, and the body will actually do the rest for the body, and your attention, that being the attention of the spiritual being can look out over the galaxies and find infinitely more rewarding and amazing games to play instead of trying to keep a body rolling along! It’s designed to roll along if you let it.

So, let’s just say, for the sake of this blog, we really do have bodies pegged, we’ll do the basics, and the body flourishes…, now what?

Now we have to find something to do since we are no longer going to spend most of our lives worrying, and laboring to keep something that we have deceptively been told our entire lives is us, that is the body, alive and living…, especially when it evolved to do exactly that…, live!

And with no instruction or understanding of what it means to, “take good care of your body”, we’ve all been told to do so, or else we will all be very, very sorry, and yet, what does that actually mean? How does one take good care of their body?

Sadly, it is they who would deceive that claim to be the most “expert” on bodies, life, and livingness.

Should one look back over their life, or perhaps study the many, many “scientific” studies that have now been discovered to not only have been wrong but decidedly made so through payoffs to those entrusted to bring us the truth, he will quickly discover that “deceiver” is far too kind a word.  And this is still happening today with many of the food cartels, farming practices, and all the other “stuff” the USDA, and the FDA are supposedly overseeing.

Again…, a person really has to study and think for themselves lest they quickly find themselves on the path of poor health, drugs, poorer health, more drugs, even poorer health, and even more drugs…, until the “machine” figures it doesn’t need you anymore!

If you are interested, please let me know and I can share many of these reports with you, but I’m certain you have your suspicions, and you are right!

But now that we aren’t going to worry soooooo much about bodies, we are going to have a lot of free time now…, free time to, oh I don’t know…, study more?!?

As usual, I have a lot more to write, but this is getting awfully long for a single blog.

We have been kicking around the idea of doing a PodCast, for this reason, so much to say, too little room to write, and I am very, very interested in what you think. A PodCast might be a better format.

Okay, thank you again for following along.

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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