Well, I hope you enjoyed the last blog.

I’m really trying to get people away from thinking that the only way to be healthy and do well in life is through fussing over a body, brain, or the mind.

It’s not.

There is something behind all of this, and it calls the shots, and creates and animates the world each of us lives in…, and that thing is you!

That spiritual being does not respond to drugs, surgeries, diets, magic pills, and potions- it creates with thought.

Here’s something to think about as one looks at the world around us…,

Without going into the myriad of directions people seem to be spun up in regarding bodies, and even their minds…, it seems most are hell-bent on asserting their “uniqueness” through various body modifications, enhancements, extractions, miracle potions, mind-altering “stuff”, and parroting the opinions of idiots preached as gospel truth!

Believing that the more one tries to find new and different ways to separate and isolate himself from everybody else is the route to individualism is the brain-child of the very thought mechanisms that keep us isolated, unhappy, and slaves to a world most wishes were much different, and one to which we as spiritual beings are the rightful heirs!

In fact, as spiritual beings we truly are individuals and there are no others like you. Pretty wild!

In time one will have individuated, you know, separate himself from knowing, and to the point where he will believe he is the only one, and as Three Dog Night once sang,

“One is the loneliest number….”

And for all this “work” on bodies, and minds where has it gotten us? Certainly not any wiser, nor more civilized, wouldn’t you agree?

So bodies are bodies, and bodies do what bodies do. We on the other hand, as spiritual beings, animate and bring the world we live into life with our thoughts, and this includes our bodies!

One must keep in mind that the body is nothing more than the physical universe manifestation of a person’s attitudes, thoughts, and decisions, and unlike one’s thoughts and decisions, the body can be seen; but, it is the thing that happened, get what I’m saying?

The body is the result of those thoughts and decisions, and by changing those thoughts and decisions, one can change the body and even the mind. One can improve them, fix them, heal them, make them well, work better, or simply let them be.

But one does not do this by going after the body or the mind…, there was always thought or decision that preceded anything that happened to the body, and to truly handle any body or mind difficulty one would be best to look toward the thing that made the decision- in a term, you the spiritual being!

Let’s say 10 years ago a person decided that he did not need to sleep more than 2 to 3 hours each day. To stay focused and driven he took Adderall and drank a pot or two of coffee, and highly caffeinated energy drinks all day long.

And for a while it seemed to work…, the most productive time of his life- just ask him, right?

This lifestyle was a decision he made 10 years earlier, but uh-ho…, he’s not able to focus like he used to, in fact, he’s developed a number of brain and neurologic problems, along with diabetes, relentless joint pain, and a host of other not so good things.

What to do?

He goes and sees a doctor who after several tests makes a number of diagnoses, and prescribes a bountiful array of pills to correct all of this person’s physical and mental problems.

But they don’t seem to work and try as he might address his physical and mental problems through treatment of the body and mind, they don’t work.

And why? The body and the mind are not the problem…, they are the result of some not so wise decisions made 10 years earlier. These health issues were not contracted by an otherwise healthy body- they were created by the decisions that led to an unhealthy lifestyle.  Get what I’m saying?

Unhealthy people want to fix a sick or broken body or mind, but these were manufactured, and as such can only truly be mended by handling the manufacturer. Get the manufacturer to fix the assembly line, and a healthy and well body and mind will roll out the other end.

Whether you buy into the whole spiritual being thing or not, please know that one gets well or sick simply by changing his or her mind and making the decision. Bodies and brains do not make these decisions- something else does, and in my opinion, it is you, the spiritual being.

I know, I know…, heavy stuff!

But I am trying to lay the groundwork for the next several blogs.

From my reading and study, I have found a number of “influencers” who are using what they call “science” to promote ideas that will only end very badly for those who listen…, and unfortunately they have audiences of millions.

I wrote the above because there are two points or topics that I hope to discuss and make very clear- the first being how important it is to not follow blindly the recommendations of anyone– including me.

Take the time to look for yourself, study, and determine what is true for you.

The next blog will discuss this, as have the many, many that have preceded it.

And secondly, I want to talk about “bio-hacking” and all of the many “brilliant” ideas that are being promoted and all of them directed at hot-rodding the body and the mind.

Yes, performance-enhancing is a great idea and can be accomplished through sleep, proper nutrition, sunlight, exercise, training, study, fulfilling relationships, and many, many, many ways that will yield desired results. But not through performance-enhancing drugs.

Sadly, this IS what these “health experts” are promoting

This to me is the main reason why one needs to understand the three parts of man- body, mind, and spirit, and that altering bodies and minds simply will only end in disaster.

Okay, well I’ll leave it at that for now, and hopefully, I’ve given you something to think about.

As usual, I appreciate any comments, and if anyone would like to discuss any of these subjects, I would be happy to chat with you!

I would love to know what you think!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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