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And welcome back to another exciting blog where we all wonder, including me…, what the heck is Dr. Dave going to talk about today?!?

I hope you really enjoyed the last blog, and it gave you a lot to look at and think about- wow, the Hero’s Journey and Following Your Bliss.

One can always say, “Heck with it!” and hit the open road for adventure, but…, the Journey is nothing more than a metaphor for the process of one reaching deep inside, and retrieving that better version of himself; you know, that wiser, smarter, stronger version…, the Hero we have all been waiting for to save the day, and transform our ordinary, mundane, day to day world into a world where we might all have a chance to win…,  a much more livable version of the Ordinary World!

I wonder about these kids who are riveted to computers and phones all day and every day. Will this be all the more Hero’s Journey they might ever know?

Are we creating a culture of spectators- trained to sit and watch, waiting to see how their life turns out? Will they be the Hero, or will they just be another that never amounted to anything?

It is actually much easier to create one’s own future than sit back and see how things turn out, and if one really understands the importance of the Hero’s Journey and participating in one’s own life- not as a spectator, but as the Hero, he will quickly see that it is he that breathes life into the lives of others and the world at large.

And what choices do those who do not drink fully from the cup of life have? Doomed to be little more than the effect of anything that happens, really. What escape would they have, not being able to get away unless their “avatar” manages to escape?

The Hero’s Journey is something that is in all of us, perhaps waiting for that call to adventure, but there nonetheless for those who dare challenge themselves and their fears.

Something to think about.

I say this because I was asked the other day what my opinion was concerning micro-dosing.

Unfamiliar with the concept, I soon realized this was yet another brilliant idea dreamed up by those who claim to be trying to get the most out of their bodies and their time here on earth by taking very small dosages of mind-altering, psychotropic hallucinogenics such as LSD or Magic Mushrooms to “expand” their minds and become aware of new realities.

The funny thing about reality though, it is really nothing more than an agreement, and from communication and then agreement amongst oneself and his fellows, one can create new realities.

Ever try to talk to someone who was drunk or on drugs? So much for new realities!

If one considers the Hero’s Journey, perhaps micro-dosing is an attempt to leave the mundane, lifeless Ordinary World and enter the Special World, where one can finally believe himself to be the hero.

But who creates and continues to create their “ordinary world”, if not the person himself?

How can one run away from the very thing he is creating with his own thoughts, that being the world he lives in?

How can one escape his own thoughts when the very essence of his beingness is a thought, or series of thoughts? One would have to think himself out of existence…, but then something would have to continue to think this thought, right?

In my opinion, and considering the steps of the Hero’s Journey, drugs and alcohol are actually a refusal to answer the call to adventure.

No matter how big or bold or “out there” a person thought himself to be when the drugs wear off, the person often finds himself worse off, more depressed and isolated than before, and needing ever-increasing dosages to “escape” once again.

The person never returns to the ordinary world a better version of himself, he never comes back home the hero with the magic elixir or wisdom that might usher in a new and promising tomorrow…, a much better ordinary world.

This is why I discussed and referenced the Hero’s Journey, before discussing micro-dosing for if one is looking for an adventure or new life through drugs…, he will probably get one when he overdoses.

Nancy Reagan had the “Just Say No”, campaign, and this is a really good idea- the problem? Not too many people said, “No”.

In fact, in the late 1990s, the US comprised 6 % of the total world population, and yet we as a nation consumed over 67% of all the drugs made on the planet.

I’m sure the numbers are worse today.

Perhaps this is why we wait for someone to go on the Hero’s Journey and save the day- we are all too wasted to confront our dragons and take our prizes.

Perhaps our “Heroes” were in the group of the 91,799 people who died in the US from drug overdoses back in 2020.  We’ll never know…, they are all dead.

In a number of earlier blogs, I mention that there is no rescue ship coming for us, no knights in shining armor for if there are, it will be just you and I helping each other to get the most out of life.

Oh, I can show you all kinds of websites about the evils of drugs, including micro-dosing, but there is probably an equal number expounding upon the many benefits of taking hallucinogenics, and I’m sure many have already made up their minds anyway.

Not so much about the drugs, but whether or not they’ve decided to survive or succumb. Kind of heavy.

Drugs are just another of the nearly infinite ways for a person to succumb, and do themselves in. Perhaps not as quickly as shooting oneself in the head or stepping in front of a speeding locomotive, but a suicide nonetheless.  Smoking, drinking, eating processed garbage, electronic gadgets, not sleeping, not exercising- these all lead to the same place- and I’m not talking about the special world of the hero, but an endless dwindling spiral of misery, and death, followed by more misery and more death for eternity.

Again, heavy but true, for if not you and I, then who can stop the dwindling spiral and help mankind ascend into a better and better world?

Why add to the misery when one can answer the call to adventure and make a better world?

These blogs are meant to push back against those who would have us succumb; illuminating the path to our very demise, they claim to have our best interests at heart and assure us that theirs is the path to survival. Heavy, I know- but so true.

This to me is why one should study and learn for themselves, and with their newly won wisdom, blaze a true path in the direction of survival for mankind. Yeah, heavy- but, also very true!

You know, rather than continuing to lay it on heavy, I will tell you about a book that I will be discussing in future blogs. I would recommend everyone get their hands on this book as soon as possible.

Its title is Genius Foods, by Max Lugavere.

This is the book I would have loved to have written. It is full of a great deal of “stuff” we should all know, and it is written in a very easy-to-understand manner.

I truly believe that it is the reference we’ve all been waiting for, for sooooo very long!

Let me know what you think!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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