Alright, and Welcome Back!

So, were you able to get your hands on Genius Foods?

I know, I don’t like the name either and would have never purchased it had I not known what it was about. Still, I really encourage you to get a copy and start reading!

And what do you think about all of the Hero’s Journey stuff? Pretty cool, huh?

Okay, so let’s get back to micro-dosing and some thoughts that I have and would like to share with you guys.

Before pushing on too far, one should know that even though I am a chiropractor, I am not anti-medication or anti-surgery.

There are many who are still alive today, thanks to various medications and surgical procedures, and where clinically warranted they can, and do save lives.

In this blog, it should become apparent that I am not in favor of using any type of medication or drug to treat psychological problems, mental illness, or trying to expand the horizons of one’s mind and/or body.

There are WAYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOO MANY natural practices that can improve the mind and body, and one’s emotional outlook on life- sleep, sunshine, exercise, nutrient-dense, whole foods, and participating in one’s own life and livingness, just to name a few!

If one’s life is that unfulfilling, he should probably get a new life rather than try to escape with drugs or alcohol. I know, easier said than done, but then this would be considered living, wouldn’t it?

It is my understanding that psilocybins, also known as Magic Mushrooms, administered in a clinical setting can help relieve anxiety and depression in those unfortunate people suffering from cancer.

The same can be said of many other drugs and medications, legal or otherwise, and used in a manner that helps bring comfort to those who are suffering and might not otherwise find peace.

It’s really not for me to say, this is not the purpose of this blog.

But for those who believe they can enhance the performance of their life and livingness with various drug applications they are sadly mistaken, and while I doubt I will change anyone’s mind with this blog, I will write it anyway, and ask of them this…,

If a person was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or in this case hallucinogenics,

How Would They Know…?

How would a person know what was the correct micro-dose for them?

How would a person know if it worked?

How would a person know if they almost overdosed?

How would a person know if they did overdose and died?

How would they know it wasn’t laced with something deadly?

“Well, I’ll just know”, some might think.

But can you trust someone who is under the influence of drugs? Can you trust yourself under the influence of drugs?

Would you really trust your life and well-being to someone who is hallucinating?

What if a pilot, or a surgeon, or perhaps someone watching your children had just micro-dosed- how much mind-altering, psychotropic hallucinogenics would you be comfortable with that person taking before you got on an airplane, or underwent surgery, or dropped your kids off for the day?

Oh, but don’t the drugs eventually wear off in a day or two? And aren’t they dispensed in a controlled medical environment?

Perhaps, BUT, and this is a HUGE but…, the mind, that thing a person thinks he is expanding or attributing to his depression or addictions, that thing he is trying to treat with drugs, or in this case, hallucinogenics actually records EVERYTHING whether under the influence or not, but especially dangerous is that the entire drug encounter will be recorded…, any sensations, joint positions, cellular function, grogginess, sights, sounds, smells, thoughts, anything people say, suggestions by administers… everything– even the symptoms of the condition being treated.  The entire drug experience is recorded and can be keyed in, that is, brought back to life if you will, simply by a sight or a smell or a sound…, ANYTHING, and as far as the mind is concerned the person is right there once again in the drug experience, and perhaps the throes of their depression or addictions- anything!

Could the person be happy one minute, hear someone say something that is contained in the drug experience memory, and suddenly find themselves depressed, or acting as if they are on drugs- days, weeks, months, or years later? Yes, absolutely!

But I thought these mind-altering, psychotropic hallucinogenics were ridding the patient of these maladies, right?

No. They simply re-experience them over and over and over again when the mind thinks it is back in the original situation.

No cure.

Oh, and every time the drug experience is keyed-in, the mind records the key in, on top of the original incident…, the recordings get locked in…, over and over and over and over and over and over again!

Perhaps the drugs wear off, they actually don’t, but the memories of mental maladies and the experiences never go away.

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? Sounds like it would keep you from thinking clearly and being part of your life…, all the reasons why a person took the drugs in the first place.

All of the bad, and nothing good…, locked in forever! Good job!

And what about procreation? The cells were all freaked up during the drug experience and recorded the experiences as well.

Would these be the cells you would like to use to procreate?

You know, it’s just stupid druggies who know nothing about the mind, life, or living who try to fill peoples’ heads with their horseshit

Aren’t you tired of being made stupid? Kids as young as 10 years old are taking LSD and Magic Mushrooms, amongst many, many other drugs while the “researchers” are finding new and novel ways to use these “miracle” drugs that have destroyed so many lives over the years.

Yeah, I know- ours is most certainly a drug culture, and one-day science will invent a cure for everything.

In the meantime, remember, that science advances one death at a time. Wouldn’t you think that if LSD or Magic Mushrooms had any benefit these benefits would have been discovered years ago, and we would be living in a brighter and happier day, and not still taking drugs?

The problem with all drugs is that they can, and will be abused. Plain and simple. Consider the opioid problem, or even the damage done to livers, kidneys, and intestines from over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications.

How about the lives destroyed by alcohol?

You get the point, I’m sure. It all gets abused.

And what about our societies, and culture?

We are a drug culture- of this, there can be no doubt, and now the solution is to hallucinate?!?

Perhaps the best this blog might do is help those who have woken up long enough to wonder if they might not have been fooled by all these drug pushers, and before they are put back to sleep again with more drugs, alcohol, news, and social media, decide that they are kind of tired of eating the same bullshit sandwich every day!

I heard a quote that said it is much easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled.

Hopefully, I have done the impossible!

If you would like to know more about the mind, not the brain, but the mind and how it works, and why drugs, much like electro-shock are totally ineffective in treating the mind, please let me know. I will be happy to show you what I know.

At the end of the day, drugs, micro-dosing, whatever you want to call it is just another stupid game meant to get a person to slowly kill themselves and fall into a life of misery and despair, while the criminals make a fortune and try to convince you that this pill is the one that will finally bring out in you that Hero you have been waiting for all your life to save you!

Don’t believe them. You are already that hero!

Now, answer the call to adventure!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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