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With the Holidays upon us, things can get pretty hectic, and if there was ever a bad time for Mr. and Mrs. Disaster to pay a call…, it would be now. And this is especially true of body issues, issues that during the summer and fall didn’t seem like such a big deal. Well…, SURPRISE!!!!! They are a big deal now.

But why, and do they have to be?

Well no, they don’t have to be, and as for why….

Don’t Throw Coal on The Fire!

Honestly, don’t make a not-so-good situation worse.

Although it is hard to recognize at the moment, the person himself is usually the source of any stress, anxiety, mis-emotions, or any other heaviness he might be experiencing. The situation is the situation, but how it impacts you, well…, that’s your decision, creation, and reaction.

If you don’t want to be annoyed, stressed, or anxious, then don’t add these to the situation. Most situations have enough angst in them anyhow, otherwise, they wouldn’t be a situation, right?

During the Holidays, it’s not that the situations are actually much worse, but rather they are made so by the tendency of the individual to catastrophize situations.

I love this word, catastrophize because it is something the person who is wigging out is doing, and not something beyond an individual’s control. Again, no need to throw coal on the fire!

With musculoskeletal injuries, a person’s prognosis- that is, how quickly they recover, is based upon his or her tendency to catastrophize things. Those who take situations in stride and allow the body to go through its process suffer less, and recover much quicker than those who make a huge deal out of everything. That is, those who catastrophize.

And What About Stress?

What about it? Acute Stress is actually a blessing, and if you read the earlier blogs concerning the hero’s journey, one might consider it a call to adventure!

Acute stress is how our bodies build and fortify themselves. It actually makes us bigger, better, stronger, smarter and all of the other amazing “…ers!” we’ve come to recognize as good.

Acute stress strengthens our muscles and bones, makes calluses on our hands and feet, toughens one’s resolve, and builds the immune system to repair tissue and fight infection.

Acute stress is a temporary attack that we push back against and come out all the better as a result.

Chronic stress, that relentless grinding on one’s last good nerve, does not build us up; in fact, it does just the opposite.

And while the sources of chronic stress are many, the one I am most concerned about…, AND SO SHOULD YOU…,  is the one most people do not realize they are under until it is toooooooo late, creating a situation and an opportunity to catastrophize.

Oh My, Whatever Could it Be?

If anyone has read any of my previous blogs, in a word…, it’s you!

Your body, your life, your attitude, and anything you recognize as you is a result, it is the thing that has happened, the thing that has already occurred. As such, the solution to the problem is the problem, and that is you! Not your body, not your neighbor, not your sports teams, or your co-workers…. You have to “fix” yourself.

We know the problem, but HOW?

Again, any veteran readers will tell you, STUDY!!!

No miracle pills or potions, no magic exercises…, just understanding, and knowingness.

And you thought I was going to remind you to do all the things you know you should do, but don’t do and only feel guilty for not doing, right? Wow, did you really think I would add to your chronic stress?!?

Instead, I am going to urge you to read the two books I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs:

The Circadian Code, by Satchin Panda, PhD

Genius Foods, by Max Lugavere

While I will not provide a book report on either of these texts, know this- chronic, unresolved inflammation is an absolute killer and this is the result of many dysfunctional physiologic functions, improper sleep, not eating nutrients, dense whole foods, not taking solar breaks, or exercising!

See, you did know it the whole time!

Okay, as usual… this is getting kind of wordy so I will leave it at that for now and make a few more points in the next blog.

Besides, it will give you time to read these books if you haven’t already, or re-read them if you have!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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