Well, how do you like 2023 so far?

Yeah, I’m with you!

I hope you’ve placed study at the top of your Resolutions Lists, and have been able to start reading Genius Foods and The Circadian Code by Max Lugavere and Satchin Panda respectively.

If not, well I hope you have taken to studying something, and become all the better for it!

Regardless of what we’ve been told or shown over the years, our greatest weapon, if one can consider it so, is knowledge. One can simply not be harmed by something he knows about. It’s the stuff we don’t know about that causes us the most suffering and travail, and in the end, diminishes the full amount of joy we might otherwise enjoy during our time here on this planet.

This past Christmas, after many years, I finally made good on a promise to myself to read Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

As well you might suspect, there are a number of finer, and in my opinion very key points that have been omitted from the many plays, movies, and adaptations that have appeared over the years.

If you’ll recall, Scrooge had a very lonely childhood. Sent to be raised in a boarding school by his father, young Scrooge spent many Christmas Holidays alone in his old school.

What most do not know is that young Scrooge was an avid reader and many of the characters in such classics as Robinson Crusoe, and The Arabian Nights came to life in his imagination and were his best and only companions during those times of great misery.

When returned to his old boarding school by the Ghost of Christmas Past, there in the room, as alive as you and me,  were Ali Baba, Robinson Crusoe, Friday, Valentine and Orson, parrots, pack animals….

It is thought that Scrooge’s imagination, brought to life by his reading, was key to his ultimate salvation.

And why not? There certainly was no other life at that boarding school.

One’s imagination and ability to see life in one’s mind is probably all the more life and livingness there really is!

Perhaps Scrooge’s imagination, or at least the possibility of one, is how he was able to see and interact with Jacob Marley, and the three ghosts.

Something to think about.

Who knows what thoughts and ideas and dreams might come to you through study, and your imagination!

So, God bless us, everyone!

Dr. Dave

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