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So what did you find out?

Are the foods you are eating promoting health and wellness, are they worsening any health misery you might be experiencing, or are you like most, and not really sure what they are doing?

Most would not knowingly harm or injure themselves or others, right?

Problem is, as it always is, you don’t know what you don’t know, right?

I mean there are books, videos, podcasts, and never-ending advertisements….

If you looked in your email right now, you’ll be left wondering how you made it this far in life without all of the miracle cures that can be yours with a click of a button!

I watch some YouTube videos and listen to the experts, but I gotta tell you, I just can’t do it. As my kids used to say a number of years ago,

“It just anger-tates me!”

A word made by a contraction of anger and irritate.

The other day I watched a few seconds of a news video (I know, I should have been smarter), but apparently, there are new studies showing that statins, those drugs that are supposed to,

            “lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart attacks,”

might actually be harming those people who take them.

Wow, there’s news…, he said sarcastically!

Right off the bat…, anger-tation!

Without getting into it too deeply, there really isn’t such a thing as bad cholesterol, right?

What they are calling bad cholesterol, LDL, or low-density lipoproteins, aren’t cholesterol at all. Lipoproteins and cholesterol are not the same.

In fact, they are lipoproteins, and lipoproteins meaning fat and protein molecule, are used by the body to transport cholesterol through the bloodstream where it is used to make hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol.

Statins can decrease the production of low-density lipoproteins, not a really good idea.

Yes, LDLs can become small and dense and when this occurs, they are supposed to return to the liver to be recycled. There are many reasons why this can’t happen, but if they continue to float in the bloodstream, they can fall out of the solution and adhere to the walls of a person’s arteries damaging them.

Secondly, statins have never been shown to prevent heart attacks in people who have never had a heart attack.

At any rate, for many years statin patients have been complaining that the drugs cause muscle pain, soreness, weakness, and cramping, and now studies are showing this m i g h t  be true.

What about the thousands of patients complaining for the past couple of decades about this side effect, wasn’t that evidence enough?

The solution?

Two new statins that won’t cause muscle pain, soreness, weakness, or cramping, so people can continue to,

lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart attacks!

a claim that is misleading, to say the least.

The sad part?

There is so much a person can do to actually control their health and wellness, and do so naturally, and do so every single time they put something in their mouth to eat!

So, let’s stop the negative talk, and talk about positive things, okay?

Here’s what I propose, and it will take a little while, but we will all come out smarter, brighter, and healthier, okay?

A food journal.

That’s right, we’ll all keep a food journal and for starters, we’ll write down everything we eat and drink during the day, and eventually, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty and rather than recording a “salad” for lunch, we’ll record everything that was in the salad…, any meat, dressing, vegetables…, everything.

With this in hand, we at Paragon Chiropractic will consult with you and recommend what to change, what to add, and any blood work and tests you might need to monitor progress.

I really don’t have the space to go into details, but there are some very, very, nasty, nasties out there that you will really want to know about and eliminate, and you’ll know why when we show you the physiologic pathways and the trouble they cause…, and not because they make you fat- trust me, that is the least of a person’s worries.

So what do you say?

If you would like we have little notebooks at the office we’d be happy to give you. Or I am sure there is some app, or cell phone thing that you can use.

Just record everything for a week and come in for a consult.

I’m doing it, why not you?

Okay, well let’s leave it at that for now, and I truly hope you take me up on my offer.

I really don’t know who else is going to do this for you,  I mean, I really, really don’t know who else can help you with this, and hopefully steer you clear of a life you would rather not live. Ominous, I know, but…, I’m not kidding you.

See you next week!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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