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Well, I hope you enjoyed those last several blogs, and you got your copy of Max Lugavere’s e-booklet, AND are much better able to navigate around grocery stores and restaurant menus.

Good, bad, or otherwise- the foods you eat tell your body what to do; express health and wellness, or sickness and disease.

A few years ago a group underwent an adventurous undertaking and decided to map out the entire human genome- that is all of our genes; the intention being to be able to learn the secrets that would unlock the cure for so many of the horrible diseases that ruin lives.

About a decade later and at the cost of a billion dollars or so it was determined that genetically…, every person on the face of the earth was about 99% the same! Any genetic variation from person to person was a little less than 1%!

But wait, not all is lost!

Consider epi-genetics, okay?

The word epi means upon or above, and in terms of epi-genetics these are chemicals that sit on top of our DNA and determine what health conditions will be, or won’t be expressed.

Get the idea?

We have 26 letters in our alphabet, and everything ever written has been composed of those 26 letters- that’s the genes, but how those letters are arranged and the words they are used to spell, and how those words are written determines whether you are reading a masterpiece or a bunch of jibberish that makes no sense.

That’s the epi-genome.

There is one other factor that can make this determination, and that is you! (More on that later!)

While our genes might be hardwired for specific outcomes, the epi-genome determines what is expressed and not expressed.

So, anything that can influence the epi-genome has the power to determine whether you will be healthy and well, or not.

To refresh your memory, all that stuff we talked about in the previous  9 or so blogs…, well that absolutely can and does influence our epi-genomes- for the good, the bad, and unfortunately the ugly.

Did someone just whistle?

This begs the question, why would a person eat something that told their epi-genome to express a disease like cancer? Or for that matter, engage in a lifestyle that will simply end poorly?

They wouldn’t, and yet……. Look at the increasing numbers.

Again, one of the hardest endeavors of any good healthcare practitioner is to try to convince their patients to stop harming themselves.

When one considers all of the many, many nasties that are waiting to end each of our journeys; and sees the ever-increasing numbers of diseases that each day crush the spirits of the loved ones left behind, one might believe that it is all a hopeless uphill battle.

But not really.

With any luck at all help is on the way.

And who might that be?

In a word, you!

Where did we get the idea we were not responsible for our own well-being, and that of others?

Where did we get the idea that we did not have to participate in the creation of our own lives and the world around us, that this was all someone else’s job?

As I’ve mentioned in many previous blogs, there is NO rescue ship coming to save us from ourselves and our fates on this planet.

It will be much easier to survive with intelligent and healthy people wouldn’t you agree?

Doesn’t this seem like a worthy ambition for all of us?

It does to me.

What if we all found some aspect of our lives and worked to make ourselves just a little better each day, what might happen?

Sounds like a place I would be proud to call home!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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