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A few months ago I talked about the three parts of man: The Body, The Mind, and The Spirit.

Quite simply, if one looks around or in the mirror, one can easily see a body and know what bodies are.

If one closes his eyes and sees a picture of a cat, that is the mind- nothing more than a repository for mental image pictures, such as the picture of the cat.

With this in mind, now ask yourself this very important question…,

“What’s looking at the picture of the cat?”

That’s the Spirit, and in my opinion, that is you!

Think of all the philosophers over the many millennia wondering if Man has a soul…, we just proved it, and not only does he have a soul, but…, he is the soul!

Sadly, when one reads anything concerning health, wellness, longevity, happiness and all of the many other desired things in life, one will find much written about the body and the brain, and a considerable amount concerning the mind, but very little about the Spirit, and just simply living. Hopefully, these blogs are remedying this dearth!




Bodies are frail things and last only a few seconds when one considers eternity.

The route, as it were, simply cannot be through the body, and trying to make it live forever.

Feed it real food, put it to work, exercise it, make sure it gets sunshine, keep it clean, and put it to bed when you are done with it for the day and you pretty much have the handling of a body sorted.

It really won’t give you much trouble, and in fact, treat it like a contraption that can be used to experience the many sensations associated with living, rather than the embodiment of life itself, and it might prove to be an ally as your journey through life.


Again, the mind is a repository of mental images, pictures, and memories and can be used to pose and solve problems related to life and living.

It is NOT the brain.

The brain is part of the body and performs best when taken care of in the manner of the body.

While the mind can serve the Spiritual Being, it can also be a great deceiver, and when given a choice, one should always trust his or her own knowingness and not the mind.

If you’ll recall, many, many months ago I talked about the Hero’s Journey and the Call to Adventure.

I love the whole idea of this!

In reality, the journey is not so much about running all over time and space, but rather a series of trials and challenges, or perhaps even battles that take place in one’s own mind, and allow for introspection, and eventually gaining the confidence and certainty necessary to come to the ultimate realization of self…, the truth of knowing who and what a person actually is, and more so, what he isn’t!

Having conquered his fears and re-gaining the certainty necessary to control not only his mind but the physical universe as well, the individual/hero returns to whence he came as what now can only be considered a God, to put to right those evils and injustices that demanded of him a Call to Action in the first place!

The hero brings with him the dawn of a better world.

Again, while the mind can be used to pose and solve problems associated with living and survival, certain mental images, pictures, thoughts and decisions contained in the mind can cloud one’s judgment, and put him squarely on the route to ruin; the individual believing all the while that he is the path of greatest survival.

Recall the antagonist Smeagol/Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Unless one understands and knows how to control his mind, he might unknowingly be under the spell of his own personal Smeagol, and while believing to be on the path of the righteous, be consumed by his own lust for The Precious!

I know this sounds really heavy, and it only does so because it is!

Control the mind, control the universe, and re-gain one’s rightful role as a God; and one can finally return home from his journey, only this time as a hero!

The route to eternity certainly goes through the conquest of the mind, but it is not the mind, and once conquered all that remains is the being himself.

From here, all routes lead to the stars and beyond!

Spiritual Being:

You would think after all of the above, you know…, an owner’s manual for handling a body, understanding the importance of conquering one’s mind and controlling the universe, and finally becoming a God I would have tales of a magical land where all of our dreams come true.


And here is the cool yet heavy part…, no such place exists unless you create it!

How so?

Be willing and able to confront one’s fears, and control one’s self, one’s mind, and the people around him.

Do this, and where else would a person find himself if not in a world that is truly his?

Keep in mind there really isn’t a world per se, right?

At the end of the day, there are only people, just like you and me.

When a person experiences all manner of craziness and stupidity that we do each day, take comfort in knowing that it is NOT the world- only people.

There are no governments, HOAs or the IRS, or any other “they” group or organization that is causing us all such consternation and despair- it’s only people just like you and me.

And what’s really cool, according to the Roman Stoic, Epictetus-

“It isn’t events themselves that disturb people, but only their judgments about them.”

Oh, no! There’s that mind thing again!

Why complain and wonder about what’s happening to the world when a person can confront his fellows, and simply get in communication with them?

Communicate to understand, and right here and now could be no other place than the magic land of one’s dreams, right?

Handle people and keep putting yours exactly where and how you want it, and so it will be as long as you do.

Yeah, I know…, but a God could do this, couldn’t he or she?

We at Paragon would love to help. We all need each other.

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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