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This is a question we get asked quite a bit,

“Will I need a bunch of X-rays?”

Most patients would much rather avoid films and many of the diagnostic tests they get from their primary healthcare provider. Most balk at the expense, and the fact that it takes weeks to get the results, if they get them at all!

This can cause a lot of worry and angst that really doesn’t do anyone any good!

At Paragon Chiropractic, we do not routinely X-ray every patient that comes to see us, and only after a thorough history and examination will the decision for studies be made.

Obviously, if diagnostic imaging is warranted to rule out a broken bone, or some structural problem we might not be able to overcome with our functional therapies approach, well then yes, a patient would be sent for X-rays, MRI’s, or even to another healthcare practitioner for evaluation.

Here’s the thing about routine X-rays:

Most X-rays will show degenerative joint and disc disease, along with any type of arthritic changes like osteoarthritis. A person’s doctor will usually call all of this arthritis, and advise the patient to learn to live with it.

These degenerative changes are considered to be part of the “normal” aging process and typically do not cause pain.

So why is the patient experiencing pain?

Let’s look at osteoarthritis.

Considered for many years to simply be age-related wear and tear, it has been learned that osteoarthritis is really an auto-immune disease meaning one’s own immune system is degenerating the joints and surrounding tissues.

UN-resolved inflammatory conditions destroy the cartilage, bones, and ligaments, these tissues then being repaired with scar tissue that in time calcifies.

It’s the unresolved inflammation that causes the pain.

Oh no…, not that lifestyle stuff, again!

I’m afraid so!

Inactivity, over-activity, poor diets, unresolved inflammation, leaky guts, not enough sunshine, poor sleep, and unhealthy gut bugs…, all result in a smoldering fire that just burns away at the tissues.

One can go to his medical doctor and get a handful of pills to make the pain go away, but they will not extinguish the slow smoldering fire kept active and alive by poor lifestyle choices- no sleep, processed foods, sugar, no exercise, no sunlight, no nutrient-dense whole foods, booze, smoking, drugs.

If you are sitting in my office complaining of pain…, that’s an inflammatory condition!

So without film, I know what’s causing your pain- self-generated, inflammation, and an inflammatory lifestyle.

AND…, more importantly, I know what will correct it- changing one’s lifestyle to allow for the resolution of chronic inflammation.

Here’s another potential problem with unwarranted diagnostic imaging…, often patients see the degenerative changes and all the things that are wrong with them…, and they decide that they should probably start to take care of themselves, you know…, take it easy.

So they stop exercising, walk less, become more and more inactive, and start eating more “comfort” foods- this is the road to ruin!

Limiting motion and activity, becoming sedentary, and gaining weight by eating inflammatory foods, and this is “taking it easy on oneself”?

At Paragon Chiropractic, our approach is the restoration of function regardless of any structural problems a person might have. We’ll try to make it work, and get you moving UNLESS it becomes obvious that we cannot overcome a structural problem or there is a life-threatening situation. Sometimes medication and surgery are necessary and once your life is saved, let’s see if we can’t get you back to living and creating your life, again!

But know that should we need diagnostic imaging of any kind, we have a number of facilities that we can use, AND with discount rates. In many cases, we can get you in for an MRI within a day or so and have the results by the next day.

The same is true for any laboratory tests.

It should be noted that with everything I’ve said, I would never discourage a patient from getting a second opinion or receiving diagnostic imaging or other tests.

It is the intention of this blog to take another approach to encourage our readers and viewers to start getting a little more involved with their livingness…, making those lifestyle changes that promote health and wellness.

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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