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A few months ago my son Austin showed me this interesting hierarchy:

4. Medication

3. Supplementation

2. Nutrition

1. Behavior

This list shows the most effective therapy method to the least effective- 1 through 4.

In looking at this list we see that the first and most effective line of therapy is behavioral modification- in other words, lifestyle changes.

Obviously, behavioral changes are not for someone experiencing an acute medical emergency, but rather for those who are experiencing chronic ailments, or those types of conditions that seem to constantly come and go, or when a person has some type of condition, health or otherwise that they would like to change.

Basically, a person should STOP harming himself, and see if this corrects the situation!

Let’s say you hurt your back…, what would you do?

Paragon patients better say,

“I would ice, not stretch or use heat, take short walks and call Paragon if these strategies were ineffective!” LOL!

Right, a person would stop doing those things that are worsening his condition and employ corrective strategies, and do so until such time as that person can begin to resume his or her typical activities of daily living, initially on a gradient scale, and in time full speed.

What do you suppose most people do?

If you guessed number 4, Medication- you probably guessed right.

It’s interesting as most people who come to see us with some type of injury will usually report that either the pills didn’t work, or they know they can’t just keep taking them.

But what is the person trying to do with the pills?

Cut a vital communication line.

Pain is the body’s way of saying,

“Hey dumb ass…, please stop hurting me!”

(Please don’t be offended; dumb ass is my pet name for myself!)

In fact, pain is an indicator that the organism, that being your body, is in the process of succumbing, and heading in the direction of death.

It is NOT a pro-survival tone level, and is certainly not a warning that a person wants to quiet simply because, well…, it hurts!

One should take a look and change their behavior so as to stop injuring themselves. Stop the destructive behavior and the pain will subside, or possibly even go away. The organism; that again being the body, will begin to survive better, and everyone should be happy again!

Man, this strategy can be applied anywhere in a person’s life!

Oddly enough, the only way nutrition, supplements, or medication work is if one works at changing his lifestyle.

It’s funny how interested people are in making themselves as bulletproof as possible from the effects of stupidity, but aren’t that interested in discontinuing being stupid!

Sadly, when it appears that the person has tried everything, except to stop injuring themselves, they are prepared to sacrifice themselves on the altar of the surgeon.

All too often patients will say,

“Well, I guess I’ll just go get surgery!”

Good luck.

This idea that when all else fails, I must be a surgical case is just about suicide in my opinion.

The success of any surgery is based firstly upon actually being a surgical candidate, and secondly, and here it comes…, having made those behavioral changes that will allow a person to recover and not continue to cause the problem! A person has to be able to heal!!!!!!!

In our office, we will sometimes ask the patient to go to the land of make-believe and pretend that they have just had their magical surgery…, now what?

“Oh, I’m going to lose weight, and start walking more, and spending  less time at the computer and more time with the people I love, and exercising, and reading philosophy, and start volunteering more, and donating money to charity, and being a foster parent, and going to church more, and working on ending world hunger, and,  and,  and….”

Wow, those sound like a lot of behavioral, or lifestyle changes- why don’t you do some of them now, and see what happens? Maybe you won’t need surgery!

Just a thought!

Always remember that any magic one might experience, regardless of which route they choose when trying to handle their health and well-being will always depend upon the person’s own innate ability to heal and recover, to resolve their own injuries. It’s Mother Nature’s design.

Keep in mind, the surgery itself is an injury a person must recover from.

Again, You are the magic.

Next blog we’ll talk some more about changing behaviors and lifestyle modifications.

I wish there was a magic wand, but the only hope any of us has is to pay attention to ourselves, and do those things that are the antidote to poor health and death- LIVE!!!!!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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