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I really liked that last blog/vlog a lot- so much so that I thought I might talk a little more about changing the behavior!

There is a better word for behavior or even lifestyle and that is Ethics.

I will discuss what is meant by ethics in an upcoming blog, but for now, it’s doing what you know you should be doing!  It is being self-determined and doing what you know will bring the highest level of survival to yourself, your family, the groups you belong to, and Mankind.

What better way to be healthy and happy?

If you’ll recall the chart in the last blog, Behavior, that’s the key, that’s where meaningful change begins, it’s the start of each of our journeys- behavior!

But what would be the ultimate behavioral change a person could make if not simply communicating?

What would your life look like today if only you had said something you were too afraid to say when you needed to say it?

We live our lives believing that we mustn’t communicate, that something bad or perhaps even dangerous might happen if we express our thoughts and ideas.

Yeah, but…, how?

The ancient Roman Stoics would say,

“If you want to break a habit, do the opposite!”

Perhaps the opposite is to simply start communicating.

How dangerous would the world look if you simply communicated?

I dare say, not very! It couldn’t- one would find himself in better understanding with his fellows, and with greater affinity and shared reality.

Obviously, there is more to communication than flapping one’s gums, or wearing his thumbs to the bone while texting!

But know this, one cannot communicate too much- it’s a lie.

The other day I had a conversation with my mom. She is a T.V. and news watcher and she sits there troubled watching all of this garbage.

“What’s the world coming to?” she asked.

Uncertain of what the future holds, and focusing upon all the things she can’t or won’t be able to do anything about, I asked her,

“What would you like to do?”

She didn’t know.

And therein lies the problem.

Well, what can we do?

How about communicating? Look around and start talking with others. Then find more others and talk to them, and keep doing this until one finds out he is not alone on this rock!

Why don’t we put the future out there that we want, instead of worrying about the one the idiots are trying to force upon us?

See what I mean?

It all comes back down to behavior, doesn’t it?

Not living is the best way to waste one’s time worrying about not living!

There isn’t anything my mom couldn’t do, really.

She would simply have to do it.

If one looks at the last several years of their life and stares incredulously at all of the crazy crap, what’s the silver lining?

In my opinion, absolutely nothing is impossible anymore, right?!?

How many times have you said,

“That’s impossible, there is no way that can be happening?”

And yet, there it is!

So, what do you want to do?

You know what the idiots are trying to do, but now I’m asking you- probably the first and only person in a very long time, but…,

“What do you want to do?”

Well, get busy.

The only reason you are standing here and not over there is that you haven’t actually walked over there!

Changing non-communication to communication, changing inaction to action- that’s the treatment, that’s the remedy; that is the cure!


Once again as L. Ron Hubbard once said,

“Livingness is going along a certain course impelled by a purpose and with someplace to arrive. It consists mostly of removing the barriers in the channel, holding the edges firm, ignoring the distortions, and reinforcing and re-impelling one’s progress along the channel. That’s life!”

What can you do to combat the crazy crap?

Live.  Flourish. Prosper.

You are not going to figure out insanity, that’s why it is insane.

You can’t live your life, or put your life on hold wondering what the idiots are going to do next…,

Spoiler alert- they are going to do something insane!


I didn’t think so! What else would an idiot do, except something idiotic?

Are you going to wait for the insanity to go away before you start to follow your livingness? You’ll wait an eternity if you do!

As Abraham Lincoln once said,

“The thing to remember during times like these is that there have always been times like these!”

Don’t believe me?

Here’s an interesting, though quite lengthy book for you to check out. It’s called, Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari.

Read a few chapters of Sapiens and within a few hours, I bet you will realize there really is nothing to worry about, and will start building your boat, changing the oil in your motorcycle to start on your journey around the world, or something equally awe-inspiring!  Why not? The insanity will be waiting for you when you get back! You will not have missed anything- I assure you!

Ain’t nothin’ happenin’ here that hasn’t already happened, and getting ready to happen again!

We are either coming out of a crisis, in the middle of a crisis, or getting ready to be beset by yet another crisis, am I right?

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s another amazing book if you are still not convinced of the cyclical nature of bull crap.

Land of Hope, by Wilfred McClay.

This book starts with the beginning of our United States’ history and comes to the present time. Again, a long read, but after a few chapters, you will laugh claiming you already know how this ends, having found yourself living once again in repeated history! Oh and by the way, we survived!

Alright, let me know what you think!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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