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True confessions, I am one of those losers who really has no life outside of studying life! I love the topic, and I find it fascinating!

My minor in College was Cultural Anthropology, and I loved learning how people who weren’t anything like me, looked at the world around them, and then ultimately discovering that there really wasn’t much difference between myself and everyone else on this planet…, we were all doing the best we could to survive!

In time I came to discover that the most fulfilling path in life would be to help others survive better. Somehow, this would be the key to the betterment of my own survival.

I have no idea how that works, only that it does- help someone get theirs, and somehow you wind up with yours. Amazing!

So much for altruism!  

Anyone who has read any of the blogs, or watched the videos can tell you that while these are health and wellness tutorials, I am really trying to make sure that everyone is getting theirs!


There is so much more to actual health and wellness than simply eating one’s vegetables and exercising, and trying to remember all of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’t” scientists and gurus have been warning us about since the beginning of time; oft dubious advice at best meant only to leave a person trapped in his body!


Science proposes theories, and if no one argues too much it becomes truth right up until the point it’s realized it’s not true!

In the meantime, how many have been led astray down a dangerous path?!?

Remember, you existed long before there were bodies and the so-called experts. So whose advice and recommendations should you pay heed to?

I’ll let you think about that for a second.

Talk about a life destined to failure, for bodies are frail- and regardless of how many push-ups one makes them perform, or how many carrot sticks they are made to eat, bodies eventually fall apart and die.

It’s my opinion that one’s true health and wellness would come from “working” on that “thing” that is immortal and cannot die.

In a word, that which is you!

If one were to consider the purpose of his livingness to be little more than the care and maintenance of the body, would his only dream be that of wishing to someday shed the chains of his servitude and actually become a body- the slave now the master?

Oddly, and although himself the creator of life, would the Being now, as a body, believe himself to finally be alive, finally be separated from the endless cycles of birth and death, only to find himself once again struggling in servitude, hoping to stave off the inevitable as long as he can in the name of life and living.


Consider those addicted to plastic surgery and the myriad drugs, lotions, and potions meant to make one and keep one young and vital- alive as a body for as long as possible.


How did one come to cling so firmly to his body as if his very life depended upon it?

Who knows?

But that a person does so, is known by those who wish to hold sway over people by controlling their actions, their spending, their thinking, and the manner in which they live their lives.

“Do as we say, or the body gets it!”


But how is this done?

I think one of the mechanisms is to inundate a person with so much “data” about bodies, and life and forcefully “inculcate” these “facts” until a person believes them as truths, and as if his very life depended upon knowing and remembering each of them.

These “facts” don’t even have to be true- just repeated often enough and long enough until,

Everybody knows that!”

Inculcate is an interesting word that means to persistently teach over a long and gradual period of time until it is believed as true.

As Paul Simon once sang,

“When I think back on all the crap I learned in High School, it’s a wonder I can think at all. And though my lack of education hasn’t hurt me none, I can read the writing on the wall.”

And perhaps this is the point I am trying to make. We’ve all had our heads filled with so much crap for so long, inculcated…, but can we read the writing on the wall?

Are we too afraid of what might happen to our bodies, and then our very lives if we don’t live by all that we were taught, and admonished by the High Priests of Science?

Most will remember asking back in school,

“What do I need to know this for?”

Good question and one that could only be answered by the individual himself, right?

Oh, it builds character, it’s a discipline, someday you’ll be glad you did, do you want to be destitute, it’ll be on the test tomorrow….

But it was always your life! And it was your question to answer- no one else’s.

Perhaps expecting others to answer, most have stopped asking, and have left their fates to academia and the intelligencia who know better than the individual himself…, I mean they went to school and hold high degrees of upper learning, right?

Isn’t it best to leave matters to the experts and specialists, they are working tirelessly on our salvation, and any day now….

Do you see what I mean about health and wellness?

Who is steering the ship, or rather who should be steering the ship, if not you?

Instead, we take what we’ve learned and we take what we’ve heard and now with this “information,” we set our courses into life and find ourselves on the rocks hoping and praying that the experts will save us!

Feels kind of empty.

But, how about trying this?

When you’ve been given a piece of data, or read something or heard it, ask yourself,

“Can I use it?”

Think of how much garbage you hear each day.

“Can I use it?”

“Does this help?”

“Does it work?”

If not, then don’t use it!

If it does, then use it!

We need to stop thinking in terms of good or bad for us, can I use it, does it work?

Look at it this way, think of a person going on an Arctic adventure…, does he need a swimsuit and snorkel?


Now this doesn’t make swimsuits and snorkels bad; just not useful in this context.

What if a person was going to the Caribbean? Would he need a parka and a dog sled?


And again, nothing wrong with either, just not very useful in the Caribbean, that’s all.

See now, this is health care- thinking for yourself, asking yourself when the latest guru says this is good for you or bad for you…,

“Can I use this? Does it help? Does it work?”

Wellllllll, does it?

If so time to get busy building those spiritual muscles. If you are going to be the expert on you, then you might as well look the part!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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