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Thank you once again for reading along with these crazy blogs. I’m sure a few have stopped reading and listening because of all the “New Age” stuff I talk about, but it must be talked about because the alternative is even crazier than my blogs!

It seems like every day I hear of some new health hack that is going to make a person smarter, stronger, sharper…, whatever “-er” a person can think of and people will wonder,

“Does that really work, or will it be good for me?”

Of course, it will be, just ask the salesman!

To me the question is,

“Will this help me, my family, friends, and Mankind survive better?”

And why would this be so important?

In my opinion, this is the route back, as it were, to that which is you!

Any other efforts are only a trap, for the moment a person believes that he can’t without_____________________, he is trapped.

So much for the freedom many believe they attain with drugs and other wonder gimmicks! Freedom is always understanding of self and this simply is not possible when one is under the influence of anything other than himself.

By the individual himself, I am talking about that thing that is really you, that soul, that spirit, that life energy, that thing that truly knows without ever needing to question,

“Is this right, or is this wrong?”

That thing beyond the body and the mind, that thing that is eternal, immortal and if everything were to disappear, and I mean everything, it would be the thing still standing there aware not only that everything was gone, but of its own beingness.

To me, that is the ambition of life, to get rid of all the crap that each of us is buried under and stand once again, free and as the individual himself.

Wrap your head around this idea, okay?

Let’s say each of us truly is a god, and the ultimate creator of the universes we find ourselves in, right?

For the purposes of demonstration, look around you and what do you see?

All there is to know, all there is to see, and all that there is, right?

Now, conceptually, look into what you might consider to be beyond you, and what do you see?


There is no force or power or magical elixir or bio-hack or anything that is beyond the power and abilities of the being himself.

Abso-freaking-lutely NOTHING!

Consider this, what bio-hack, miracle drug, or another stupid idea would God, you know, the guy with the white robe and beard, what would God do to make himself more God?


He would simply make himself more if that is what he wanted to do or be.

My God, when you were a little kid, didn’t you run faster and jump higher when your mom bought you a new pair of sneakers?

Didn’t the M&M “energy pills” we took to make us stronger, and brave enough to climb that scary tree?

All that changed was the individual’s s own perception of what was. New shoes and M&M’s really had very little to do with it.

And now it seems the geniuses are making a science out of these types of subjective reports, calling these “cutting-edge” sciences, and telling others to chew nicotine gum, get testosterone and growth hormone shots, undergo ketamine therapy and micro-dose LSD and magic mushrooms…, and people are actually doing these things-and none of these wonder treatments have really been thoroughly studied, or even approved by the FDA!

But just ask the salesman, right?

Oh, they’ve got studies, and they are promising…, so Dr. Dave is just being a Grinch about people drugging up to get bigger and better. He’s just a silly old man who isn’t in there trying to win, win, win baby!!!!! He’s unwilling to get out there on the edge and reach beyond.

I’ll tell you what, if you are looking for that “edge” go to the rim of the Grand Canyon and jump off and take all of your crazy bullshit with you!

There is nothing that will make a god more than the decision of that god himself to be more. End of story.

The big problem with all of this stuff, the drugs, the bio-hacking, and the rest of it is simply a lack of responsibility.

Think of the technological advancements on a cell phone and all that it can do and does for us and yet, cell phones can’t keep a person from texting and driving. Obviously, we aren’t responsible enough to own cell phones, and possibly aren’t even responsible enough to drive cars!

So, why do I keep hammering all of this “out there” stuff, you know, being a god, the hero’s journey, and all of the rest of it?

It’s the only thing that makes sense, really.

We’ve been told that Man is an evil creature, soulless and little more than an animal. That hasn’t gotten us anywhere, except even more irresponsible.

Science has no answers, and in fact, most of what passes for science only buries us deeper and deeper into eternal despair.

So what if we really were good, gods as it were, and held within in each of us our own salvation, and the knowingness that would free us all?

For many years I was of the belief that there were many who were so much smarter than me, and they would figure everything out, and we would all be on the road to Nirvana again! Perfect quietude, freedom, higher happiness, and an end to the senseless suffering that eventually ends poorly for us all.   And perhaps there are, but they aren’t saying anything, are they?

So why not work on our own Beingness, and return as it were, to the one place where one can truly know, understand, and create the type of world he wants to exist in that place is probably not a place at all, but rather a state of mind, and that is you.

As usual, I would love to talk with you about all of this “stuff”. Let me know, please.

Perhaps it’s not that real to most, but the “other” stuff simply isn’t working, is it?

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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