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I am trying to use a new format for these blogs and keep them to a point or two since they tend to be heavy, and too many heavy things get very, very heavy!

How is it that so many people love to tell us what’s wrong, without really knowing what’s right, or if they do…, what’s right for each of us?

The mechanic tells a person what’s wrong with his car, the doctor, or dentist what’s wrong with his body, and the ubiquity of social media…, what’s wrong with his entire life!

If a person is still listening to the news, reading the paper, or following social media, all he hears about is what’s wrong with everything!

One might have a tendency to believe these nay-sayers, but how can they know what’s wrong without ever knowing what is right, or even acknowledging that anything could possibly be right?

Interesting thought if one listens only to those who always tell him what’s wrong.

To truly know something one would have to be able to compare it to something that he knows, or in this case, perhaps the opposite.

There is always the other side.

While rain might spoil a picnic, one knows that all survive because of rain.

So what’s the story? Is rain good or bad, right or wrong?

One can be crushed by a picnic spoiled by rain, or accept its benefits as part of the normal course and set his sails to picnic on a different day.

But whose story are you going to listen to? Should this determine the rightness or wrongness of all? Someone else’s story?

And what about your story, disregarded as if it doesn’t matter?

It’s the only story that does matter, actually.

And by an individual’s ability to decide, one can say what’s right and what is wrong, and know without a doubt…, most will think he is wrong!!!

That’s very funny but true!

So, who cares? What works for you and keeps you on the path of your journey is all that matters.

How can one look at an x-ray film, or read something from a textbook, and know what is wrong with you? You are NOT an X-ray film or a textbook and their opinion is theirs, not yours!

And what of the experts?

How can they be thought to have gained expertise through study when a real education is an un-learning process- ignorance being peeled away, allowing wisdom to shine?

Scientific opinion is the best guess at the time given the data.

Diagnoses? Again, the best guess at the time given the data.

In the end, the “truth” is the best story that helps a person to survive, and an even better story helps many others survive.

Years ago my son Austin told me he did not want to go to school anymore because he knew it all already.

Truth be known, he probably did- much like each of us knows already, and an education merely exorcizes stupidity from our eyes.

I told him he would need to produce something with which to exchange for the things he needed to live, and that if he could get me a business plan, and if it made sense, he no longer needed to go to school.

He stomped off.

I pulled him back and told him he will be confronted with this problem for the rest of his life, and if not today, someday he would have to tackle this problem.

I needed a story that made sense, that’s all. It’s all that any of us need- not to be told we are wrong and all the horrible stuff that is happening and will happen. A person cannot use this nonsense, can he?

Sadly many have been programmed to be anti-human, anti-prosperity, and anti- happiness…, tell your story and be willing to change it when necessary to take the next steps on your journey, and if the story is really that cool, maybe I’ll go with you!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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