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Well, I hope you have been enjoying these blogs and the new format. If you haven’t noticed, they are different-ish!

The fastest and easiest way to lose something is to try to save it and protect it.

Football fans know this from Prevent Defense, where a team scores some points and tries to protect their lead rather than continue to play harder and score more points!

Have you ever tried to save money? Good luck! Again, it will be easier to just make more money when you need it.

Many years ago I bought a Schwinn Varsity 10-speed with my paper route money. I really, really took care of that bike, only to discover a new scratch in the paint each time I rode it. Eventually, the bike was stolen! I didn’t save or protect my bike.

Protecting and saving is an attempt to maintain the status quo- an impossibility in this universe.

One can expand, stay the same, or contract, and since one can not stay the same, if one is not expanding, he is contracting.

When one is managing a body, he might have this idea that bodies are delicate and need to be saved and protected. This is the worst thing a person can do. Bodies are meant to be used, and challenged, a process that improves the body’s ability to adapt and survive.

In fact, all living matter on this planet is governed by this guiding principle…, use it, or lose it!

Think of a person who decides he wants to save his body, and so for the next 10 years he sits, watches TV and really takes it easy.

Did he save 10 years that he can use as a Get out of jail free card when the Grim Reaper comes calling?

No. He didn’t save anything and in fact, he lost out on 10 years of the action of living.

There is a fine line between safety and challenge, and one would do best to lean in the direction of being challenged, as this is how one’s immune, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and every system the body works- it’s how a person improves!

One challenges it, it breaks down, and then builds up to handle the next challenge. Never-ending!

And would one really want to lead a safe life, where nothing dangerous or scary or challenging ever happened?

Rather than saving and protecting, one should be interested in improving…, improving himself, his family, his co-workers, Mankind, and the environment in which he lives.

None of these can be saved or protected.

One should work to make better and more livable all that he comes in contact with, and improve his ability to survive. This would be an outward flow of energy that emanates from the Being himself and animates all.

Improve people, improve everything!

Oddly enough, that would be the only way to protect and save!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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