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So let’s say you hurt your back.

What should you do?

The things that make it better, what else?!?

What should you have done before you hurt your back?

Those things would have improved the ability of the core to protect the spine!

Or perhaps more to the point, a person should not have been doing those things that would harm him, right?

Sounds kind of flippant, doesn’t it?

But it’s true.

So let’s say you hurt your back, okay? So what should you really do?

I can tell you what textbooks say, and what I’ve learned over the past 40 years, and you know…, some of that stuff might actually help. But quite honestly, a person should do what helps him do better, and not continue to do those things that don’t help, or possibly even make him worse.

I guess a person would have to pay attention to themselves and be more involved in their healing process.

Typically, we see patients who have hurt their back try stretching, using heat, and laying in a recliner.

I can tell you this was a bad thing for that person to do, and how do I know this?

Because they are standing in my office in worse pain than when they injured themselves!

Whatever they were doing didn’t work, right?

And this is the point.

It’s not whether something is good or bad, it’s whether or not it works. Does it help? Are you feeling better?

In most cases, a person never considers these questions but continues to do what they have been doing even though it is not helping.

This sounds a little silly, doesn’t it?

Why would a person continue to do something that wasn’t working, and perhaps even making the situation worse, instead of saying,

“Oh, I should probably do something else!”

A partial answer to this question can be found in the previous blog. Most of the time a person isn’t in their right mind, or maybe not even in their own mind, especially when they are in pain.

The magic of Paragon Chiropractic is simply this: we have the patient stop doing stuff that is not working, or making things worse, and have them do those things that will help them feel and do better.

Many doctors just do what they do because they’re supposed to do that, or they’ve been trained to do so.

Yeah, but is it working? If not, why continue that line of therapy?

I knew an M.D. who once told me that if patients don’t believe in him and his pills, he couldn’t do anything for them!

This was an astute observation on the doctor’s part, and he didn’t simply give people medication…, he tried other therapies, and found things that worked for that patient at that time.

In the earlier example, in most cases heat, stretching, and recliners are the worst things a person can do…, but what if it works, and the patient is getting better?

Well, he should keep heating, stretching, and reclining right up until the time these remedies are no longer effective.

Remember, today’s solution will often prove to be tomorrow’s problem.

So pay attention. Is home care helping? Is it working?

If so, continue. If not, find something else to do.

And if a person still can’t figure out what’s happening he should seek the advice of someone that he trusts- no Internet nonsense, or taking your mother’s friend’s pills, who had something kind of like you have!

One should stop hoping and praying that things will get better as he continues to harm himself. It will get better as soon as that person starts doing the things that help, and stops doing the things that don’t.

How will you know?

Ask yourself this…,   ”Am I doing better? “  Well………?

This is a great life lesson!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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