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Some of these blogs might take a little noodle scratching, but they are meant to get you to look at those things you’ve been looking at your whole life, only now, look at them in a new unit of time, and from a different viewpoint other than your own.

A person can learn a lot about life by looking at it from the viewpoint of another.

So, are you prepared to do whatever it takes, and by this I mean- are you willing to do whatever it takes to be a “Champion!”?

Now before you puff up your chest, do 50 push-ups, drink a protein shake, and grunt,  “YES!!!”, think about it.

Do you know what most champions had to do to be a champion?

And only a few ever get to call themselves, “Champion!”

We’ve all seen the World’s Strongest Man Competitions, right?

Did you know that those guys lift heavy not only to build muscle but to microfracture the endplates of their vertebrae?

That’s right- they are actually microfracturing the bones in their spine so they will thicken with minerals and be able to tolerate lifting 1000 lbs!

That coupled with weighing over 400 lbs, constantly eating and training…, well, it’s not for weaklings!

Would you be willing to do that, and probably spend most of the shortened days of your life in pain to be called “Champion!”?

Think of all the guys who are “juicing” and trying to find that edge…, in some way, any way to be a champion.

Look at the brain damage in ex-football players- heck, even Evel Knievel broke every bone in his body jumping his motorcycle over things. And what about Muhammed Ali?

It all comes at an expense, but then so does it too, for those of us who aren’t interested in being champions.

If you are still interested, then great I’m not trying to talk you out of it, but I am trying to appeal to the rest of us who are trying to challenge ourselves, perhaps improve our health, or maybe even try to impress ourselves by doing something we didn’t think we could do.

But again, if you are not prepared to do whatever it takes to be a champion, then what the heck are you doing?

I see patients who are connected to electronics that tell them their heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and Heaven knows what else- please…, you’re an accountant!

Or those who seek out the training gurus who measure strength, and measure size, and everything else under the sun- and you know what? Not one of these people has ever told me that the gurus discovered they were perfect.

The left side was weaker than the right, or the right was smaller than the left, and from this, a story is created to explain the many professed deficiencies, that were never a problem up until two days ago when they were made “aware”, and is now the “why” for every failed success they’ve experienced in their lives.

 Their new life ambition?

 Get those two sides equal and symmetrical!

It is really too much.

Numbers really don’t mean much; after all, they are just numbers until a person is made to make them significant, and somehow meaningful.

A person is who a person is right at that moment in time- nothing more, and nothing less.

When faced with a challenge, one will either figure out a way to overcome it, and live to fight another day, or he won’t.

So, why not enjoy life and pursue those things that one enjoys, rather than worrying about numbers, and how many times a person has stepped today, blinked, or sat up, or whatever the latest, greatest metric might be?

There really is much more to this than one might imagine, you know, just living rather than trying not to fall apart and die.

Most would give anything to live the life they want, so…,

Are you prepared to do what it takes?

Until next time….

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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