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You know, I really think my ikigai (hopefully you know what I am talking about!) aligns with helping people do better in life- not telling them what better is, or what they need to do, but perhaps helping them realize that we can all improve, and helping those who are willing to create and follow their own paths to a better and more fulfilling life.

A few years ago it became obvious to me that we, being individual people needed to start making better people, not what I think is better, but people who are in better communication with each other, and the world around them, people who work each day to improve their understanding and humanity, people who share their wisdom and virtue, and help others seek a better path through example.

Honestly, if people would simply back off, and allow others to live their lives one would find he had a lot more friends and fewer enemies.

I recently finished reading a very interesting book by Alex Epstein entitled, Fossil Future.

By education, Mr. Epstein is a philosopher who takes a look at the issue of climate change, not from the perspective of who’s right or wrong, but more from a pro-human perspective and understanding that anything that helps humans survive and flourish better is better for all…, including the planet.

It is my opinion that the Merchants of Chaos, that is the media, are most certainly anti-human in how they tend to sensationalize the negative, distort the truth, and ignore the good and beneficial.

If Mankind has an enemy, it is the media.

If you disagree, I would love to talk with you, not to try to convince you that I’m right, but to see what I might be missing, and try to understand your point of view.

Do people really enjoy watching others suffer and fail? Are there really people who cheer while others drown in tragedy?

Do we really think there are certain people on this planet who should not be allowed to watch their children grow up and achieve amazing things?

I’m just asking, because when one considers his fellow man and the prospect of others surviving and finding their happiness, one quickly finds himself on the side of humans, not certain kinds of humans, but all humans, rooting for the prosperity of Mankind and our amazing ability to create a hospitable, and civilized planet for all.

We’ve all spent time watching YouTube videos and fighting back the tears as some human, yeah…, one of us, as that person shines, and is alive in their moment!


It is only when one listens to the media does he find himself uncivilized and rooting for his own demise.

I just finished reading George Orwell’s 1984, and can’t help but think how destructive Big Brother’s Two Minutes of Hate, and Hate Week Programs were to those who believed they were part of a “brotherhood”  as they all rotted and died inside from hate.

Man is amazing, and we survive and prosper as Man survives and prospers, and in no other way.

Plain and simple.

As the Doobie Brothers asked in their song,

Without love, where would you be now?”

You wouldn’t be.

Somewhere, some person that you will never know, will never meet, just did something absolutely amazing and you and I both will owe this “stranger” a debt of gratitude for our very lives.

Amazing!!!!!  I love it!!!!!

Let’s all say it together…,


You know, if the media wants to divide us into groups, then great there are those who are pro-human, and those, much like the media and all of their stooges who are anti-human.

That person who disagrees with you is not your enemy, and this is an opportunity to understand. Perhaps, you might never understand, but that does not make that person your enemy.

Anyone who has spent time reading these blogs or watching the videos can easily attest that our message and purpose is a pro-human message, one that supports humans flourishing and prospering and being allowed to follow their dreams and happiness.

This is an interesting concept for if one really listens to the news, reads the papers, or follows social media one will soon see that the media as a whole is not pro-human, but rather anti-human cloaked in the colors of us, the pro-humanists.

Some will say, “Oh, I don’t like humans!” And if this is the case, that person has not spent enough time around enough humans. Go to the Mall, or someplace that is very crowded, and just look at the humans, and sit there until you realize that you, too, are on the side of the humans- even Ebenezer Scrooge found himself to be pro-human in the end!

Humans are amazing and do amazing things!

Think about someone who stepped up and helped you, for no other reason than to help you.

You know, enough juju, that magic livingness stuff, brought into an approximation of un-juju will actually convert the un-juju into juju!

In 1984, the main character, Winston Smith was writing in his diary and wondering if anybody would ever read what he had written, or if they would even care. Winston considered himself a lonely ghost uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear. But so long as he uttered it in some obscure way, he believed the continuity would not be broken. It was not making yourself heard, thought Winston, but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage.

To Hell with the Media!  Our sanity will carry on the human heritage, a pro-human prosperity that will ensure the survival of Mankind!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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