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The next series of blogs is going to discuss more conventional healthcare topics, only with a Paragon Chiropractic and Dr. Dave twist.

Keep in mind that when a person encounters truth whether he hears it or reads it, he gets the idea that he already knows the subject, and perhaps he does, but true knowing is in the application and helping others.

Chances are,


“Yes, you’ve probably heard it all before,”


But if a person is not applying what he has learned to his life, he probably doesn’t understand things as well as he thinks.

Consider our friend, Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones has been having a variety of health issues and has seen a number of doctors, who for the most part aren’t really sure what’s wrong, but they do know what medications or natural remedies he needs, or if all else fails, what surgery Mr. Jones will have to have to save his life!

Ironically, for not really knowing what’s going on, these same doctors and health care providers are absolutely certain that offbeat practices such as chiropractic, or focusing on typical health and wellness practices definitely won’t help, at least, not in Mr. Jones’ case.

Frustrated and confused, Mr. Jones goes to the internet and does his own research, and becomes sold on the health advice of the Dark Wizard of Hegewisch- Dr. Theophrastus Bombastas Von Loenheim who claims to have met a thousand-year-old Mayan Shaman during a seance at a truck stop in Amarillo. For a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a couple of packs of Pokemon Cards, the shaman traded Dr. Von Loenheim’s 5 million-year-old alien health secrets that had been given to the shaman during a spirit walk in Amsterdam…, and for $19.99 Mr. Jones will share the life-giving and life-saving secrets that he discovered on his own spirit walk with the Dark Wizard….

You get the point, and Mr. Jones would have made a fortune with these ancient secrets had he not died a few months ago!

But what if Mr. Jones, by whatever good graces, wandered into Paragon Chiropractic to see what Dr. Dave and the Team at Paragon might have been able to do to help him…, what if he did, more importantly, what would we have done to help Mr. Jones?

The usual and customary, that’s what.

But what does that even mean?

Well, let me ask you,

“What are the usual and customary things that a healthy body needs to be healthy?”

First and foremost, would be the restoration of communication lines and communication of not only the individual himself with others and the environment but also between the various systems and organs of the body.

Next would be to reduce systemic inflammation in the body and its various organs and tissues.

How would we do that?

Simple. Since one basically eats pro-inflammatory calories that provide very little if any nutrition and only set destructive inflammatory pathways in the body in motion, it would make sense to stop eating pro-inflammatory foods, and instead eat healthy, nutrient-dense whole foods that were de-flammatory.

Eliminate what’s known as SAD- The Standard American Diet.

Every disease known to Mankind has an inflammatory component as part of its presentation.  Reduce the inflammation, and reduce not only the effects of the disease or disorder but also improve the possibility of eliminating the disease or disorder altogether.

Consider this:  Take a large rock or something that is large and place it on a tabletop. Next, take a number of smaller stones or pebbles and place them around the larger rock.

The larger rock is chronic, systemic inflammation, while the smaller stones and pebbles are component parts of the overall disease or disorder.

Reduce or remove the larger stone and a person has changed the character of the disease or disorder, and in many cases, the smaller stones and/or pebbles can no longer exist without the inflammation-that being support from the larger stone.

One gets the idea that chronic systemic inflammation leads to diseases and disorders and is the thing that not only holds them in place, but allows them to worsen, and if one wanted to get over any disease or disorder he would reduce or eliminate the chronic systemic inflammation by eliminating pro-inflammatory foods.

To undergo surgery or take medication while inflamed in the hopes of being cured, would probably be an exercise in futility.

Obviously, there are many more components to the usual and customary including proper sleep, healthy relationships, natural sunlight, exercise, and many other things a person knows to be “good” for them.

Over the past couple of years, I have written many blogs concerning these topics which can be found on our website Spineanddandy.com, and have referenced many books that I recommended everyone to read.

In fact, I have written a book myself on many of these subjects entitled,

Body Basics: A Companions’ Guide that should be coming out soon.

Correct the outpoints, and the organization, that is the organism (you and your body) will function as it was designed.

Do the usual and customary- the things that worked when the individual was healthy, and surprise, surprise- welcome health and wellness again to your life!

Okay, we’ll leave it at that for now and talk more about this in the upcoming blogs/vlogs!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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