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Okay, in the previous three blogs we have learned that drugs don’t work, nor do natural remedies, especially if one continues to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, and in the not-too-distant future, you might not be able to make an appointment with a doctor or other practitioner because there simply won’t be enough of them.

Like it or not, this means an individual, if he wants to be healthy, will have to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, and those practitioners who can lead the way will become more and more valuable.

If one truly understood chiropractic philosophy, this would mean that chiropractors are poised to be the healthcare practitioners and instructors of the future….

Unfortunately, it seems that all chiropractors want to do is make videos of “cracking “ people and put them on YouTube. Ugh!

Am I convincing you to be more of a participant in your life than a spectator?

You know…., it’s easy to think,

“Well, I’m not gonna be around in X number of years, so I won’t have to deal with this stuff!”

Followers of my blogs and vlogs will tell you that you, that being the soul or spirit, are immortal, and at some point, each of us will be coming back to this planet only now with a new set of parents, and a baby body that is going to have to go through all of the stuff each of us has just gone through in a world that most likely will be more debased and aberrated than the one we left.

At some point, each of us will have to confront that which we were unwilling to confront, be responsible for that which we were unwilling to be responsible for, and learn again what it truly means to be alive.

Why not work on it now?

Better people mean a better planet.

Why not work on bettering yourself and those around you?

Each of us is going to have to someday anyhow- why not now?

Just a thought.

Okay, next blog/vlog we’ll talk more about pursuing life and livingness, rather than treating diseases and disorders with the hope that we will somehow have more life.

Until then…,

Take Care

Dr. Dave

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