Alright, keep in mind that when we are talking about being a healthcare provider, we mean that in the truest form- only you can make yourself healthy, in other words, provide yourself with health.

We are not talking about treating diseases and disorders or crisis management that would require emergency care- we are talking about pursuing health and wellness. Get the difference?

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, there is no rescue ship coming for us, no aliens with the key to life, and no salvation except for ourselves, and if the aliens do have a message it would be to stop treating each other like garbage, including ourselves.

Why not pursue health and wellness, pursue one’s virtue and humanity, pursue wisdom…, each of us is going to need all of this at some point, if not right now…, so why not now?

It truly is folly to work at treating diseases and disorders without pursuing health and wellness, especially if the goal is to be healthy.

Don’t fix what’s wrong…, do more of what’s right and what’s working. One will end up with more and more of what’s right, rather than what’s wrong.

It is thought by many that the absence of symptoms means that a person is healthy- not necessarily so- especially if one is NOT pursuing health.

Healthy is not a status, it is a “lifestyle” that one must work on every day, and do so more than working on being unhealthy every day.

So let’s say for this discussion that the basic source of all illness and disease is the individual himself and his lifestyle- a person gets what he creates, right?

If this is the case- which it is, then the food that the individual eats each day, the amount of exercise and sleep, the quality of his relationships, and having a purpose in life would make all the difference in the world and should create a healthy individual, right?

This does not mean he would never hurt his back, or get a bug or some other calamity, but being healthy, his outcome would be far more favorable than someone who was unhealthy, right?

Healthy people generally tend to be healthy, while unhealthy people generally tend to be unhealthy.

What if for all the diseases and disorders in the world, there was only one “cure”, or rather measure that a person could take to prevent the need for the “cure”?

Interesting question.

Most would simply take or pursue the “cure”, and get on with living their lives, wouldn’t they?

Imagine the freedom one would have in his possession, no longer wrought with worry about impending illnesses, or trying to overcome an active disease or disorder.

Rather than working at keeping a body alive, one could spend more time understanding himself and others, pursuing interests, and improving his livingness and the livingnesses of others.

Most lament,

“If I only had more time and money…,” Living to make a sick body well is a drain of both.

I could tell you what to do, but most already know…, they just don’t do it, yeah, I know… if only you had more time and money!

If you are interested and want to get moving on things, let us know.

In the meantime, we’ll leave it at that and urge you to get your copy of The Deflame Diet, by David Seaman, D.C., and invite you to join us at the Paragon Chiropractic Book Club.

As you will see, there is nothing to it, but to do it!


Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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