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Interesting title, I know!

How cool is Paragon Chiropractic though?

It’s an interesting thing to think about, and something I began looking at several years ago during my own doctor’s visits and dealing with other businesses and services.

During and especially after each encounter I was usually left loving even more the simplicity of our office- same-day appointments, a person can speak directly with any of the doctors, and no one is trying to sell them anything or trying to convince them that there might be the ever ominous…,

“…something seriously wrong with them.”

Our patients leave our office feeling better and empowered with recommendations and tools they can use to help themselves. This is peace of mind.

As one wends his way through life, how cool would it be to feel this way as one encounters others…, you know that things can get better, that they can be helped and empowered?

If one were struggling or having difficulties with anything in life, how cool would it be to reach out to Paragon Chiropractic and get that feeling of knowing that you will be helped?

I’m not suggesting that everything can be fixed with an adjustment and some home care advice, but these are the mechanics of what we do at Paragon Chiropractic and not the actual magic as it were.

The magic is the intention of wanting to help that makes the mechanics of what we do work, it’s not the techniques or anything else that helps a person feel better…, just the intention of wanting to help people do better in life. That is what patients and others feel when they encounter Paragon Chiropractic.

Many years ago, our kids would tell Dr. Diane and me that we needed an “‘adjustment” and they would go through all of the motions- the mechanics of giving us an adjustment.

I have to tell you these were some of the best adjustments I have ever experienced, ohhh, their techniques were awful, but their intention to help us feel better was far superior to their mechanics, and so better we felt!

Get what I’m saying?

If you are experiencing difficulties or struggles in life, why not call on those whose intention is to help you, for this intention is the magic elixir- more so than any remedies, lotions, or potions?

Our intention to help and interest in your well-being is far superior to anything we may or may not be able to do for you…,  mechanically.

We’ve all experienced the most powerful healing force in this universe, right?

The sensation of knowing one is no longer alone, and that all will be well found in the familiarity of a loved one’s face, their smile, the twinkle of their eyes, the warmth of their voice, and the comfort of their touch.

What is this?

I surely do not know, but I know it when I see it and welcome it every day in the familiarity of those I love the most- my wife Diane, and our kids- Austin, Abby, and Anderson- the most important parts of Paragon Chiropractic!

So I ask again,

“How cool is Paragon Chiropractic?”

Let us know!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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