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Yeah, I’ve got a few more things to say on the topic of Paragon and coolness, mostly because I haven’t quite gotten to the stuff that prompted these blogs in the first place!

I love the simplicity of our office, and how simple our treatment and recommendations are- this is why Paragon Chiropractic and offices like ours are such an asset to those who want to own a body!

Incredible staff and doctors who can do so much to help without prescriptions and surgery.

A typical day at Paragon:

Patient: “I have some stiffness in my lower back.”

Dr. Dave: “Okay.”

And then I do this and that and the other thing and 15 minutes later the patient gets off the table feeling much better, and then I tell them what they did, and how to prevent it or even manage it at home.

It makes sense.

Yes, there was a tremendous amount of magic and wizardry that went into that treatment session, but the most important thing is that the patient has an understanding of what caused the problem, namely himself, and what he can do in the future to prevent it or mitigate it, and yes…, they feel much better!!!!

I have encountered very few places, health-related or otherwise that work so point A to point B as Paragon Chiropractic.

How nice it is to know you are being helped by people who care- a few adjustments, some home care recommendations, and exercises and you are on your way!

It makes sense.

But who wouldn’t want to know about, or be a part of Paragon Chiropractic, and if not personally connected, somehow caught up in our “vibe”?

I’m not suggesting that everyone should be a patient of ours, but knowing us and what we do, most would want to consider us among their allies- someone in their corner who wants them to do well and succeed.

Whether they know us or not, ours is a pro-human approach that is rooting for people to do well, succeed, and be free to create their own happiness.

Where good things are happening and people are surviving well and prospering, I would like to think that Paragon is there too, somehow caught up in the energy.

But really there is no such thing as Paragon Chiropractic as a living, breathing entity. It is an organization that is composed of individuals.

It’s not Paragon Chiropractic that helps you, it’s Dr. Dave, or Dr. Diane, or Dr. Abby, or Austin or Anderson, or Geri, or perhaps the dogs or the fish!

Look at it this way, somewhere in a town none of us ever heard of, full of people we’ve never met- someone who had an amazing win in life, and there we are, happy and excited for them.

As people do well in life, others around them do better as well. It is called a sphere of influence.

Each of us is a sphere of influence, and as we do well, so do others who are around us- everybody gets a little “winning” on them.

Unfortunately, the converse is true, so it is best to do best.

I’ve also heard this described as the Butterfly Effect where a single butterfly flaps its wings and can cause a typhoon somewhere else on the planet.

Obviously, this isn’t actually true, but the idea is that a small effect, like a butterfly flapping its wings can be the catalyst for an even greater effect like a typhoon.

Smile at someone sometime, or tell them how nice they look and they will be nice to others, who in turn will be kind to even more people and pretty soon everybody is happy, and for no known reason except that someone smiled!

I would love to think that the goodwill of Paragon and its staff has this type of impact on the whole world.

One great adjustment, a few kind words, and a sick child on the other side of the planet is now well.

Something to think about.

So, if those “wings” of yours aren’t flapping very well, you owe it to the future of the whole planet to come in and get them moving again!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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