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I thought I would continue with the topic of…,

How cool is Paragon Chiropractic?

I was talking to my son Anderson about this, and he was telling me that offices like ours are now assuming more and more the role of the old-time family doctors of days gone by.

We all remember old Doc So and So, right?

Anytime we had a question about our health, we’d go see old Doc, and he would calmly smile, explain what was going on, and then throw us out of his office telling us to live our lives and not worry about it…, all would be well!

And it always was!

You know, I hadn’t thought of ours being an “old time” doctor’s office as it were, but I guess Paragon Chiropractic is more like that than not.

We always have time to listen and do what we can to help.

Many of our patients are very grateful not only for the care they receive but also for the time we take to talk with them about their health and well-being concerns.

Honestly, if not with us, I’m not sure who else they have to talk with.

Originally, before the advent of pharmaceutical companies, many medical doctors relied on several natural remedies and the power of the human body to heal itself when treating patients.

A recent study showed that the number of medical doctors is on the decline, and those who are pursuing the profession are pursuing specialties rather than general practice.

Who will be the general practitioners of the future? I guess the “old-time” doctors of today…, Paragon Chiropractic!

But think about it…, it is the best of both worlds, we have access to all of the modern healthcare technologies when needed and you still get to hang out with old Doc So and So, and know that everything will be fine…, just go live your life!

How’s that for cool?

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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