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At this point you should be getting the idea that Paragon Chiropractic is trying to plant a seed in that head of yours, this is the idea that the advent of true health and wellness rests solely in your hands, and your hands only.

Health care practitioners of the future, and get that distinction,  health care practitioners, not practitioners that treat symptoms and diseases and call that health care, will be sources of education, guidance, and help.

The word doctor is derived from the Latin verb docere which means to teach or to be scholarly. It is a verb, and not a noun, meaning there is action associated with it.

Medical Doctors are trained to save lives, to find those diseases and disorders that could prove to be fatal and to provide medication and/or surgery to remedy their potential effects.

We need many Allopathic Doctors and Nurses since most people either do not know how or are not interested in learning about themselves and doing what they can to keep their health and wellness expectancy on par with their life expectancy.

In addition to this, crap just happens, regardless of how we wish it was otherwise, so…, Hooray for the Medical and Osteopathic professions!

On the other side of the coin, it is possible to “die” long before one’s body does.

Sadly, many lives end in tragedy and misery- not that any life ending is a good and happy thing, but one can go out on top.

This is not the reason for practicing health and wellness, to make sure you die beautifully, but rather that you live beautifully and fully right up until the time the Grim Reaper says, “Let’s Go!”

So here’s a question that was asked a few blogs ago, and something each of us should get straight in our minds before going any further,

“What is my (your) definition of health and wellness?”

We talk about it all the time, and it could be a deadly assumption to think we are all talking about the same thing.

I have seen many people seriously injured doing what they were told was “good” for them.

Pickleball is the latest craze. Everyone is supposed to play, it’s good for them, right?

I mention this because of the number of Pickleball injuries we see in our office.

Each year, 19,000 people, 90% of whom are over 50 years old, are injured playing Pickleball for $400 million in medical expenses.

It’s supposed to be a fun way to socialize and get a little exercise, right?

So I ask again, “What is your definition of health and wellness?”

Certainly not doing things that harm you, right?

What does this even mean?

When we were kids, we were told to be good, but nobody ever told us what that was, and if they did, no one ever asked us what our idea of being good entailed, did they?

Mom had an idea of what a good kid was, so did Dad, and the preacher, the teacher, the principal, and the police….

But they never really told us what good was, or bothered to find out what we thought being good was, right?

Here we have a $450 BILLION health and wellness industry that is growing 5% annually, and can the average guy on the street tell me what is meant by health and wellness?

Perhaps it is nothing more than eating things you don’t like and doing things that suck because if you eat the things you like and do stuff you enjoy, everyone tells you it’s not good for you, right?

But can they tell you what is, what is good for you?!?!?

So, what is health and wellness?

At some point a person will have to define these concepts if only for themselves, and get on that path should he want to be healthy by his determination.

I would love to have this conversation with everybody. I don’t think there is a definite answer, and one would have to decide what his goals and ambitions are to know anyway.

Sounds like we could all use a little help with this, right?

A lot to consider…, which is why these blogs focus mainly on living, pursuing one’s dreams and bliss, and to Hell with everything else…, at the end of the day, are you having the time of your life?

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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