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As usual, I hope these blogs and videos have been exercising that muscle between your ears.

Well, I thought I would do one more blog in this series for an even dozen!  I’d hate to leave off on an uneven number- even though most consider me “an uneven number!”

I thought perhaps a recap might be in order and again I will ask you this question,

“What is your idea of health and wellness?”

You know, I have a definition.

Dr Diane has a definition.

Austin, Dr. Abby, and Anderson each have definitions.

If you could talk to our dog Lily, or the fish I am certain they have an idea of what it will take to survive the best they can!

Our definitions may or may not align with your idea of what is health and wellness, and as such it will be important for us to spend time learning what you think, and what is acceptable to you.

No big deal, it will only take some time, but could make all the difference in the world to you.

This seems to be a problem with many other healthcare facilities- they have a concept or fixed idea of what health and wellness is, and that is exactly what you are going to get- like it or not!

How can one ever feel well, or do well when the relationship is dominated by disagreement?

How well will it work if I have an idea of what health and wellness is to me, and I sit on your chest and beat it down your throat and force it to be your reality, or else!!!!!

Yeah, I know- we’ve all seen those doctors, right?

Did you follow the treatment protocol, or more importantly did it, that being the treatment protocol, help you to get well?

Probably not- you found a different route that aligned with your reality, and surprise, surprise…, IT WORKED!!!

Here’s another problem when the doctor and patient don’t at some level share some reality- there will be misunderstanding.

How can a person, let alone a patient, understand and follow instructions that he does not understand?

We’ve all experienced that “Aha!” moment, right?

That moment that we see through the darkness, and there is the light…,

“Ohhhhhhhhh, I get it now!”

And at that moment “the doctor” finally arrived and you will now get well- you being the only real doctor available to you.

How can one be well if he does not understand?

Understanding is the solution, for how can one be harmed by something he knows about and understands?

He can’t!

Even Paragon’s principles of self-help, and being one’s doctor might be completely unreal to that patient.

They never once thought that they could ever do anything to help themselves, and now here we are insisting on it.


So we find what they can do, and encourage them to do it.

In time, they begin to get that “Aha” moment and realize they can not only help themselves and keep themselves well, but they can also help others!


And now the Paragon Chiropractic message spreads just that much further out there in the real world, and will be there for those who realize they, too, need help!

The whole Butterfly Effect thing- you should look this up.

Okay, I think that will do it.

So what do you think, is Paragon Chiropractic cool, or what?!?

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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