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A person’s actions or inactions create the world they find themselves living in right now…, like it or not.

Many years ago I decided to be a chiropractor. I went to school, passed all my exams, as did Dr. Diane, and we opened Paragon Chiropractic. That is the world I find myself in right now.

If I had done something else, I wouldn’t be a chiropractor, and I would find myself living in that world instead, but regardless…, I would still be alive and could always change my mind and do something else- a citizen of that world!

So whatever is going on in your life right now, know that good, bad, or otherwise, you were the one who put yourself there.

This would include the status of your health and wellness.

Most try to change this status without changing the life they are living.

Here’s a simple example:

Two plus two equals four. People are either happy with the answer four or they want a different one.

In seeking a different answer, many will make positive lifestyle changes and by changing the variables of two and two to some other numbers will derive an answer that is more suitable to them.

Perhaps they wanted a six so they changed one of the twos to a four.

All too often most will try and alter the answer four in some manner and will find that no matter how they wish it was otherwise, they seem to be stuck with a funny-looking four that is impossible to change or fix.

Consider the many who undergo plastic surgery to look like an unattractive cat. True beauty is within a person and they emanate it.

How about those trying to lose weight without changing their lifestyle?

Ozempec, liposuction, amphetamines, lap band surgery, and on and on.

Each will result in some alteration that will leave the person still unhappy about what they see in the mirror, and in many cases much worse off.

Some might follow bad advice given by snake oil salesmen, advertisers, or “The Science!”

This is why blogs and videos such as these are sooooo important- we aren’t telling you what to do, or what is best for you, only that you are capable of knowing and making those lifestyle changes that will yield the results you are looking to create.

This is what we do best at Paragon Chiropractic- help you know how to do what is best for you!


Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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