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Alright, I hope that last blog/video got the old gears moving in your brain pan!

Most of the health and wellness videos I watch and read focus on doing all that a person can to save life- namely the life of the individual himself.

This is a good idea, but life is not something that can be saved, per se, but it is something that can be created, and quite honestly the only life a person has is that which he creates.

One of the problems with trying to save life is that one must create problems, and then seek a solution or cure of some type.

As I said in the previous blog, today’s solutions will inevitably be tomorrow’s problems.

As such, there really is no sense in seeking cures when the reason most want a cure is to continue to live, and more often than not, not to live today, but hopefully someday.

So why not just live today and not worry about all the other stuff?

Most cures focus on problems or issues that have already happened and not on creating more life and livingness which more than likely would have prevented the need for not only a cure today but also the need for one in the future.

I have an old dune buggy and a couple of motorcycles. Because of my current lifestyle, I don’t create many opportunities to drive the buggy or ride the motorcycles these vehicles get the most attention when they need to be repaired or need some type of service after which they will sit again, and degrade from neglect- an action that will require more repairs and attention

We tend to do this with so many things in our lives, especially with relationships and our health. If everything is “good”, and doesn’t need our attention and doesn’t need to be repaired we tend to ignore it and go on with life.

But when would be the best time to get the most enjoyment out of not only our “things”, but also our health and relationships? When they are working the best, right? Why would a person work on something when it is broken, but then ignore it when it is working fine and could be a lot of fun?

This is another plea to enjoy life and living, and in pursuing life one will find himself the happiest and healthiest he will ever be so there’s your cure!


Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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