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I think most people, whether they admit it or not, want to hear about the “bogeyman”.

You know, all the bad things that are happening, or are going to happen, or have happened, or probably might happen….

For some the bogeyman is going through life not having their beliefs challenged, seeking and heeding only those whose opinions and views are the same as theirs- preparing themselves daily to battle an enemy that exists only in their mind.

I’ve read that this is a carryover from Paleo times when our cave ancestors had to focus on all the bad and dangerous stuff as a matter of survival lest they let down their guard and be wiped out in some unpleasant manner. Not too much time to enjoy the good times if a person was always looking over his shoulder for a Pterodactyl attack!

Perhaps this is in our DNA, but if one looks around, these are no longer Paleo times, and if one is interested I can recommend several books and resources that demonstrate we are living in times where greater and greater numbers of people are flourishing and prospering.

You might not believe me, but it is true.

So why don’t we spend more time living and enjoying being alive instead of believing the worst can and will happen at any moment?

There is always the other side to any situation.

I heard an old Indian Proverb:

This warrior had a beautiful horse. Everyone said he was lucky.

“Perhaps”, is all the warrior said.

The horse ran away. Everyone said he was unlucky.

“Perhaps,” is all the warrior said.

The horse returned with a collection of beautiful ponies. Everyone said he was lucky.

“Perhaps,” was all the warrior said.

The warrior’s son was riding one of the ponies and fell off, breaking his leg. Everyone said he was unlucky.

“Perhaps,” was all the warrior said,

The chief of the tribe declared war on a neighboring tribe, and many young men were killed.  Because the warrior’s son had a broken leg, he did not go to battle and die.

It’s just life, good things happen, bad things happen, and the bad things might turn out to be good later, and good things might turn out to be bad things later, but a person can always change his mind and take another path. There is no perfect path or ideal anything so keep moving.

I heard another story that I thought was interesting.

This little bird was chirping along and enjoying life and was having so much fun, that he didn’t want to fly south for the winter. Eventually, it became very cold and when the bird tried to fly his wings froze and he fell to the ground. Frozen he just sat there until a cow came along and did what cows do and took a dump on the bird. In time, the bird began to warm up and was so happy he began to chirp again.

A cat heard this and came along and dug the little bird out of the dung and ate him.

The message? Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy, and not everyone who digs you out of the shit is your friend.

So what am I getting at?

Not all solutions are solutions, and not all problems are problems.

If one is always looking for the bogeyman, he might not experience the good of the situation.

The same is true for one’s health and wellness.

If one is constantly looking for a cure he might miss it, for undoubtedly the solution or answers one is looking for can be found in the moment.

Today’s solutions most often become tomorrow’s problems, and in time will be the next tomorrow’s solution.

Just keep moving and pushing through life. There is sooooo much more to life than worrying about the bogeyman!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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