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Well, thank you for following along, and I hope you are gaining a better understanding of what I am saying- life and health are the antidote to death and illness. Why not live now instead of waiting for disaster and working your backside off to save a life- a life you weren’t living and enjoying before the wheels came off?

That being said, I think I will share with everyone the Golden Rules of Paragon Chiropractic which in essence is really only one rule- STOP HARMING YOURSELF!!!!!

Here’s the deal, and this is a little heavy- a person is truly only in competition with himself. So what are you doing? A person has made himself their opponent, and this is something I have warned against for years- do not make yourself the game, do not become an adversary to your own ambitions and goals, do not become the effect of your own cause.

You will lose as this is a contra-survival position, how can a person win by defeating themselves?

Oddly enough, most are “programmed” as it were, to be attracted to that which will ultimately do them in a game a person can not only not win, but doesn’t sound like a lot of fun either!

As I’ve said earlier, I don’t want to tell people the best way to live their lives, or what is best for them, or what will mess them up. Life is too dynamic, and a person must be able to adapt if he wants to survive the best he can.

That being said, several blogs ago I talked about the Golden Rules of Paragon Chiropractic, do you remember them?

Let’s review:

  1. Stop Harming Yourself.
  2. As soon as possible, make those lifestyle changes necessary to prevent yourself from continuing to harm yourself.
  3. Make sure that whatever therapies, or remedies you are using or doing are working. If so, continue them, and if not, stop and see #1 again- Stop Harming Yourself!

These are laughable and would be pretty funny if most of the people I see every day weren’t actively engaged in one or all of the above.

Quite honestly, if one only STOPPED HARMING HIMSELF, he wouldn’t even need to remember the other two.

Okay, I am going to let those soak in, and you should study them, learn them, and apply them.

I will spend the next several blogs discussing each of the three Rules individually and hopefully discussing examples to help you guys get what I am talking about.

A person wouldn’t think anyone would have to tell someone to stop harming themselves, but here we are!

Okay, so next time- the Golden Rules up close and personal!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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