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So what did you think about the last blog? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Have you looked at your activities and are now trying to determine ways to stop harming yourself?

If so, welcome to the next video/blog as it is now time to make those lifestyle changes to stop harming yourself, and as soon as possible!

A guy goes to the doctor and says, “Hey Doc, every time I do this it hurts!”

The doctor says, “Well, stop doing that!”

So much for my career as a comedian.

But if a person is doing something that hurts, how can doing more, or going faster or heavier, or even ignoring it be a good idea?

Pain and painful motion is a huge indicator that you have an injury and/or are harming yourself and not getting stronger and healthier.

Why would a person want to mask this with drugs or their own bull crap trying to convince themselves that everything is okay when they struggle with the most basic of activities of daily living?

Is your attention on something…, anything…, you know, that little nagging voice in your head, or coming from your body or the world around you? Is your attention on something…, anything?

If so, it more than likely is something you are not willing to confront or take responsibility for.

Kind of heavy, I know, but it has your attention and it is some area where you are out of communication, and have stopped creating life.

It’s that simple and that difficult, and so we find that the greatest and most simple lifestyle change one can make that would keep him from continuing to harm himself would be getting back into communication with that thing or things, or area or areas of his life that he is no longer in communication with.

I could tell you it’s this or that, and you need to do this or stop doing that, but there is no way I could know, and you won’t know until you get back into communication with those things you are out of communication with-they’ll tell you what needs to be done.

Let’s say you feel tired all the time. The first question is, tell me about your sleep.

Turns out you don’t sleep well, and from here there are a number of outpoints that could be addressed to improve the quality of one’s sleep, and in time the quality of one’s life.

It might be something as simple as not staying up all night staring at screens, or as challenging as trying to handle some upset in a person’s life for which there seems no solution.

One would have to stop making excuses for not sleeping well, and confront the situations that are interfering with sleep, not search for remedies that will artificially induce sleep, but correct the causes of not getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night.

This might take a while but it is the correct path, and a person will once again find sleep and all the many benefits of a good night’s sleep.

There are many, many other outpoints that affect the function, health, and wellness of an individual, and where one can confront the problems and handle them with communication and correction one can return to the path and make progress in their life.

The key to confronting the problems and situations that are ruining a person’s life, or soon will ruin it, is to first and foremost, and borrowing some good, old steel mill vernacular…, stop shitting themself!

The worst thing a person can do is believe their own bull crap.

You know the truth, a person can not hide it from themselves hence the harm they are doing to themselves.

“Oh, I have my mother’s knees, or I have my father’s temper, or everyone in my family has trouble sleeping!”

Nonsense! Confront the situation and make the corrections!

Here’s another example, let’s say a person wants to lose weight and they’ve tried everything to no avail.

This person didn’t wake up one day overweight. This was a process that wended its way over many, many years.

Consider a stream, the weight gain began as something many, many miles upstream, and arrived downstream as a person who is now 100 lbs overweight and unhealthy.

The correction must be made back at the source, at the headwaters of the stream and this could be a long and rather painful journey as one returns to the beginning of a situation that is ruining their life- again, confront- facing yourself as the cause of your troubles, problems and situation, and make the lifestyle changes.

This would be true of anything.

This is what is meant by making lifestyle changes, as you are the cause of your trouble, you are also the solution and to change the cause, you would have to change you- your lifestyle.

Nothing outside of you can fix and improve you as there is nothing outside of you that is the cause of your own ruination.

We at Paragon would love to help, you have only to ask!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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