Chiropractic Care in Phoenix Arizona

One of the key issues that sets Paragon Chiropractic apart from other health care practitioners is our desire to help you decrease your dependency on doctors, medications, specific treatment techniques, a failing healthcare system, insurance companies, and anything else that wants to monopolize your future.
Rather than recommending long, drawn-out treatment programs that seem to keep you coming back forever, the doctors at Paragon Chiropractic provide Patient-Centered Healthcare; that is to say, health care that focuses upon delivering exactly what you want and not some outcome desired by the doctor or insurance adjuster.
Ultimately, we take the time to ensure we listen to you, we see you, and we put together the best treatment plan for you. This is why it is always so important to take the time to listen, to understand, and rather than assuming that everyone is a candidate for chiropractic care, care enough to help and do what is best for the person sitting right in front of us- you!
With that said, we offer the following services:

  • MyACT
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation
  • Home Care Programs
  • Nutrition
  • Acupuncture

With our experience and variety of treatments available we are confident it changing your lifestyle for the better. We offer affordable care to help you through your acute pain, but, and only if you want to know, the doctors can show you what dysfunctions are causing your particular health situation, and what you can do to correct it, prevent it and self-manage it should the problem return. All our treatments include education so you and truly understand how to get better. So why wait, contact us today and let’s get you started on a path to better health!
About Paragon Chiropractic
At Paragon Chiropractic, we take the time to listen to and understand the health concerns that are most important to you and your family. And as parents ourselves, it is our goal to help you and your family develop and maintain the level of health necessary to pursue an active and happy lifestyle.