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As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs and on our Facebook posts, back in February we attended a really cool chiropractic seminar in Las Vegas. Upon learning of our attendance, one of the big questions that many have asked me is,  “Have there been any new breakthroughs in chiropractic, you know, any advances?” As weird as it might seem, the question would always floor me.


In the medical profession, doctors and scientists are always looking for the next latest greatest new drugs, new approaches, new surgeries to address huge populations who despite all these breakthroughs continue to be sick and unhealthy. Weird. We are told there is a shortage of medical doctors which is probably true, but could it be that more and more people are being made sick by the latest, greatest, plastic, fantastic advances? If the number one reason for a person to see a medical doctor is the common cold, and billions upon billions of dollars are being spent on research, why no cure? It’s just bugs, right?


On the other hand, the advances and breakthroughs in chiropractic care are not in terms of techniques, but seem to be the amount of medical research proving and supporting that spinal manipulation and the tenets of chiropractic are the treatments of choice when dealing with injuries and diseases that are not life threatening, medical emergencies. The chiropractic message of let’s help the body do what the body was designed to do- repair and regenerate itself, seems to be the most scientific approach to what ails you!


The human body is a 10,000 year old hunter/gatherer design and it has evolved over the years its ability to repair injured tissue, fight off infection, store energy- so many amazing adaptations. If one truly wanted to help a person get well, or even be well, that person would work with the body’s natural capacities. This is, and always has been chiropractic.


To me, if there have been any breakthroughs or advances in chiropractic they have been in our efforts to get this message of natural health care out to more and more people. There has never been a time in our recent history where the public was more willing to listen to the chiropractic message of natural health care than now. Patients are tired of drugs, not being able to see a doctor when they need to and knowing when and if they do, they will be given a prescription for some pills that easily have a 20 to 1 ratio of all the bad stuff it causes in relation to any good it may or may not do for a person. Good luck trying to get back into seeing the doctor to handle the side-effects!


So, any breakthroughs or advances? I think so. You are reading this blog, and seeking chiropractic care!