Chiropractic Adjustments in Phoenix, Arizona

I thought I would talk a little more on what it is we are trying to do with chiropractic, the treatments, and suggestions we offer at Paragon Chiropractic.  If you’ve read the other blogs, you might say, ” Okay, I got it! “,  but there are a few more points that need to be made, and why we do these FaceBook videos, blogs, and show you so many ways to help yourself when you come to the office.


When a person gets ill or hurts themselves all the doctoring in the word is not what ultimately repairs the injury or makes the person well.  At the very best, all ANY doctor can do is get you and your body up to the point where the body can repair itself. There are no drugs, no vitamins, no surgeries, no adjustments, no exercises or diets that will make you well or heal you. They can help put you better shape to fight the good fight, but ultimately your body will repair and heal itself, or it won’t.


Now, the trick is to make sure you aren’t doing things that will ” harm” and not allow your body to heal. This is always our first target when you come to Paragon Chiropractic-tell me what you’ve been doing. I can’t tell you how many people we have “cured” simply by showing the person how to sit, sleep, walk, bend- and getting them to change.


Another one of the things we always look for is drugs and medications.


Think of any drug ad you’ve heard or read. Most people would rather have the disease than all the side-effects! But these side-effects can prevent your body from ever getting to the point where it can repair itself and heal.


Sad story, many years ago I met a woman who had been suffering from daily headaches following a car accident for 10 years. A certain type of medication made the pain go away, but this prevented her body from getting to the point where it could resolve the headaches. Instead, the medication caused stomach ulcers, immune problems, and eventually leukemia. The shame of it all is her headaches went away after one adjustment. Headaches gone, but now- more problems.


A person simply cannot keep creating health problems for the body to handle and expect to get well. Some people are in such poor states of health that it is very difficult, if not impossible for the body to do what it was actually designed to do- repair itself.


When a person feels ill, has health concerns, or even a crisis, the question one needs to ask oneself is, “What can I do that will put my body in the best position to repair itself?”


Some times that might involve medication or surgery. Often times it doesn’t. The medical profession is amazing at saving lives, but once a person’s life has been saved, one must again ask oneself the same question, “What can I do to put myself in the best position to repair myself, to recover, to win?”


This might be chiropractic, exercise, diets, decreasing stress, quitting a stupid job, going on some remarkable journey, hanging out with friends, finding challenges and more interesting games to play. There is no one way. Just keep creating those things that put you in the best position to win, to recover, to live- push in the direction of life, and all should be fine!


A fellow by the name of L. Ron Hubbard once said, ” Now, what then is this thing called “life”? It’s an endless succession of incidents, happenstances and the only time a person actually suffers in the face of life or is incapable in the face of life is when he can’t enjoy these problems when he can’t enjoy these incidents.”


I’m not suggesting that you hit yourself with a hammer and stand around giggling, but as the saying goes, “Crap happens!” It just does- those who can be like Bob Ross (the fuzzy headed painter guy on PBS) and decide some of these things are just “happy accidents”, will be able to handle the curve balls life throws them, and find that their “doctor” is in, and ready to help.  Those who tend to “catastrophize” most problems- well, they’ll find their bodies’ “doctors” are some overworked intern at some county hospital in the middle of a war zone! They are just not going to get well and recover.


The Facebook videos, the blogs, and the stuff we show you in the office may or may not “cure” you. We are just trying to help you look at things, know that you can and that you are able and capable. See if these suggestions we offer and the care we provide help put you, you being the only doctor who will ever cure you, in a better position to sit on top of the world and know that you really are something incredible!