Healthcare and Self Management

We preach self-management every day to our patients, and this approach is being recognized more and more in medical and scientific literature. There is this concept of GAMIFICATION, which is a term that came from gaming, but more importantly, it is being used in healthcare as a concept that enables people to achieve their goals. A great example of this is a person can go to the doctor or a trainer to learn how to jump. Let’s say there is a golden apple high up in a tree. I can train you in all the mechanics of jumping and you can sit there trying to remember what I said, OR you can just find and create your own path and methods to success and get that apple. This is absolutely the best way, and would involve problem-solving, challenges and all that stuff I talked about earlier with neuroplasticity and how a person learns. I really hate to say it, but maybe the NIKE people are right- JUST DO IT!!!  This idea of creating your own way instead of relying on the “experts” to tell you what and how to do it is just the best. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a look at some of the experts- the people entrusted with showing you the way to good health.

A recent study has discovered that over 75% of all medical doctors are on anti-depressants, stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderol or both!!! The suicide rate among medical doctors planet-wide is at an alarmingly high rate. This is not good. And most of this is blamed on the educational process, student loans and residency programs these poor people went through so they could help others. What were they taught? Over 50% of all financial donations to medical schools come from pharmaceutical companies. What do you think they were taught? This is not healthcare, and yet these are the people who are entrusted with our health. Currently, there are 4 pharmaceutical lobbyists for every member of Congress. Collectively, pharmaceutical companies spend over 30 billion dollars each year on advertising. Of that, only 5 billion is spent on the ubiquitous ads we see on TV and in magazines.

Please understand that this is NOT an indictment on the medical profession. We absolutely need medical doctors- they save lives every day. But they are not healthcare providers, some might be, but most are not. There will never be an insurance policy or plan that one pays for, or is given to us for free by our politicians that will ever address healthcare. It is the responsibility of each of us. Good, bad or otherwise- YOU are the only healthcare provider who can provide you with healthcare! It’s your body, your decisions, you are it. See what I mean? Who can provide you with healthcare? Only you.

You know, from time to time Dr. Diane and I watch the old Twilight Zones. In a few episodes, one will see a space ship that crashes on some planet somewhere. The survivors are in communication with Earth and are expecting a rescue party, only to find out no rescue party is coming. Who is going to take care of these castaways? They are! If they are going to survive, they will have to build shelter, find food and water and essentially create the lives they will now live from that point forth. Or else they won’t if you get what I’m saying.

There is no rescue ship coming for us- never was, never will be. We need to get busy building a new civilization of sorts, one where a person creates their own health and helps those around him do better and survive better in the lives that we have.

This is healthcare, and you are its only provider!

The doctors and staff at Paragon recognize this and can help you be the best doctor you’ve ever seen!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave