Alternative Healthcare Offered at Paragon Chiropractic

In our next installment of what we do at Paragon Chiropractic, we are going to focus on nutrition, the MyAct machine, Cryofos, Slimline, and Exercise. If you missed our first blog on our services, you can find it HERE!


I really dislike the name of this one. If you haven’t noticed over 60% of the US population is overweight, or possibly obese,            and yet everyone and his brother is a nutritionist. In our office, we show you how to change the way you eat, and what you eat so that your food actually works like medicine to your body. This coupled with lifestyle changes makes all the difference in the world. To this, we have a number of supplements that can help your body repair itself and put you in the best position for successful health. With our nutrition programs, we have the ability to measure your total body compensation- how much of your total weight is muscle, fat, water, organs, etc. With this, we can make recommendations to increase muscle, lose fat, hydrate your cells. We also have a machine that we can use to determine your blood fat and blood sugar levels with a single finger prick. Results in less than 5 minutes!

MyAct – Myofascial, Acoustic, Compressive Therapy

This is the machine patients call the “Thumper”. It is a machine that rivals, and in my opinion, exceeds therapies that involve injections and blood draws. The MyAct machine causes a minor irritation to those tissues being treated, and your body creates an immune response to repair the injured tissues. This machine has produced amazing results with plantar fasciitis,
post-surgical sites, TMJ issues- almost anywhere where an injury has healed, but you still have pain and disability.


This is our latest, greatest! It uses liquid CO2 gas to create a thermal shock at the site of injury. This shock reduces and eliminates pain, increases deep circulation removing inflammatory compounds from the injured area, and stimulates two tracts in your spinal cord that deal with pain and other sensations. We call it the Ice Gun and Paragon Chiropractic is the first and only owners and operators of this machine in Arizona!


This is another amazing device. Using infrared LED lights, the Slimline machine makes your fat cells permeable for 48 hours and allows fluid and fat to be released from the fat cells. The lymphatic system eliminates waste. In one 7-minute session,
a person can lose 2-3 inches of fat from problem areas like the waist, love handles, arms and man boobs! The best part- you keep your fat cells!. Fat cells are part of your hormonal and immune systems. You need these cells- don’t lose them, SHRINK THEM!

Exercise with Austin and Anders

Both of our sons are Certified Personal Trainers and would be happy to show you the best exercises to make the gains and get the results you are looking for… WITHOUT HURTING YOURSELF!!!!!


Stay tuned, we will complete all the services offered at Paragon Chiropractic in our next blog!


Until next time,
Dr. Dave