Tips On Finding The Right Healthcare Provider


Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t, but if the general trend is heading upward, well… you’re winning!  Just thought I would let you know in case it doesn’t feel like it!


I thought I would talk more about healthcare, and what a person is, or at least should be looking for when they seek help from a health care practitioner.


To best understand this let’s look at the difference between Effect VS. Result. To me, this is the thing for which we have all been searching.  It really is the difference between being cause or effect. Neither one is necessarily more desirable than the other, it’s just that there will be times when you want to because, and others when you want to be an effect. As long as you are the one who is deciding, no problem.


When you think of the word effect, you get the idea that this is something a person receives, something is being done to an individual.  For many, this is what they are looking for when they go to see a health care provider. They want to be fixed, made well, given a pill or a surgery. This also includes those times when a person goes for an adjustment, or a massage, or buys some great vitamins that will make them younger, prettier, slimmer…. You pay your money, you lay there and you are “made” by those things you want to create an effect on you.


And like I said, there is nothing wrong with this. It’s good to be the effect of things, BUT, and this is a very big BUT… here’s the question you need to answer for yourself, can YOU cause that same effect on yourself using nothing more than yourself?  Can you make yourself feel well, be happy, glad you’re alive, beautiful, amazing…?  This is a RESULT, this is being cause. This is my humble opinion and it is what you are looking for from any healthcare provider.


Can you make yourself happy, more alive, more healthy, stronger, less tense, more able just by considering that you are?


This is the ability you are looking for when you seek help from a healthcare provider. You want to know. You want to understand. You want to be supervised as you work to help yourself. You want to gain the confidence that you can. You want to work in the direction of winning, not fixing disabilities- improve your abilities! These are the things you can do.


The truth be known, you can not be adversely affected by something you know about and can control, This includes anything you understand. This is why, in earlier blogs, I make the claim that YOU are the only healthcare provider who can provide healthcare to you.


At Paragon, I do a number of magic tricks each day on patients and provide amazing effects, but I always take the time to show patients how to create the same effects on themselves at home or at work. We work toward gains, we work towards wins, and most importantly we work toward RESULTS!!!!!


It’s always so amazing to see patients get off the table smiling and feeling much better. There is nothing like it, except one thing, when that same patient tries sitting correctly or doing a simple maneuver and the light bulb goes on over their heads- they now know they can help themselves and they don’t have to worry about “what if…?” They can prevent it and handle it.


If this sounds like something you would want to know more about, please let me know. Paragon Chiropractic will be more than happy to help you!


Until the next blog- keep winning!