Last month someone wanted to know about Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs. I thought rather than talk about them on one of our Facebook videos, I would write a blog.


First of all, I am no expert on EMFs. I’m sure someone will read this blog and think I am an idiot, or I don’t understand how the sky is falling and we are all doomed, and the end of the earth is happening right now and idiots like me are the reason why….


As I understand it there are basically two types of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic energies- one type that ionizes and another that is non-ionizing.  Ionizing are destructive and are things like X-radiation and Gamma Rays. X-radiation comes from X-rays, and Gamma rays come from extreme thermal type events like explosions on the sun, or nuclear bomb type explosions. What they do is ionize, or add an electron to compounds in the body. For example, X-rays hit water molecules (H2O) in the body, cleave hydrogen off (HO and H), and this free hydrogen binds with another water molecule (H2O) and makes hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This compound and the X-radiation destroy DNA and cells. This is why radiation therapy and gamma radiation therapies are used to treat cancers. They are trying to kill the cancer cells with this process.


The other type, non-ionizing is the stuff we experience from electrical flows and fields around the house and office- telephones, lights, computers, coffee pots, and things like that.


There is no real scientific data that says these types of EMFs, the non-ionizing types of damaged tissue or cause people to be sick.


For me, I’m kind of tired of going through life being told I should be afraid because there are baaaaaaad things out there trying to get me, hurt me, mess me up, make me sick- even KILL ME!!!


We were at a seminar back in February and one of the speakers was a doctor by the name of Joseph Mercola. Most have heard of him, and he really is a knowledgeable guy. He spent 2 hours lecturing about EMFs from cell phones, and other electronic devices. He showed us the silver infused undergarments he was wearing including his pants! This was to protect him from EMFs. He also told us he slept in a silver tent, used bed sheets that were interlaced with silver and a number of other things he did to reduce his exposure to electromagnetic fields.


He did laugh about it, but… I kind of was waiting for the men with the butterfly nets to come and get him.


Maybe he’s right, maybe he’s wrong. Perhaps silver is more harmful to the body than electromagnetic fields. We’ll all have to wait for the train wreck to see who’s right, right? Or maybe not!


You know, a number of years ago I read some material about the electromagnetic fields, and the one thing the author suggested was doing something that he called “EARTHING”, also known as “GROUNDING”.


The idea is that these electromagnetic fields cause positive charges to accumulate in the body. The earth itself tends to be more negatively charged and so by having continuous contact with earth, (that’s direct skin contact), literally grounding yourself, one discharges these positive charges and the body returns to a more neutral state.


Now when I say contact, I mean actual skin contact with the earth, the dirt, the sand, the soil.


Think about it. We wear shoes and stand on concrete, or carpeting, or tile. When was the last time your skin was in direct contact with Mother Earth for an extended period of time? You should try it. Take your shoes off and go stand in the grass, or a pile of dirt. You will experience a sense of discharging.


A number of years ago when our kids were at home, (and maybe when we didn’t have a dog!) we would take our shoes off and go stand on the grass. We would talk, throw a ball, anything so long as your skin is in direct contact with the actual earth. It was an amazing feeling, and I would swear to you that it really, really worked. One might also say, “Well, you weren’t sitting around on phones or watching T.V. and you were talking and enjoying each others’ company…”


And maybe that’s all it was, but that time together with no electronic crap, just laughing and talking and listening and enjoying being alive at that moment….  Get the idea?


One can be so wrapped up in trying to save his life and protect himself from all the things that are trying to “get” him, that he forgets to live, and never actually does.


Take home message? Are EMF’s bad, good, a little of both? I don’t know, but I would recommend that you take the time to enjoy the time you have with those you love. That’s all the more life you’ll have anyway!