How To Properly Handle Stress

From time to time we have viewers to our Facebook videos ask us to discuss a certain topic. Some topics are easy enough to do with the videos, and some really would be better for a blog such as this one on stress.

I once read a T-shirt that stated, “Stress is what a person feels while trying to suppress the uncontrollable urge to choke the living crap out of someone who desperately deserves it!”

Perhaps that really is the best solution. I know I feel like that right now! I nearly had this blog written and ready to send when “poof” it just disappeared. I’m not really sure who I would choke, but there has to be someone, somewhere!
In reality stress really isn’t the problem; in fact, stress is one of those things that should make us stronger, more durable, and in the end better able to handle more stress. So stress really isn’t bad, and one should not necessarily try to avoid it.
Think of germs stressing your immune system, or the guy who works with his hands so much that he has callouses. Runners, joggers, hikers, and bicyclists alike all stress their cardiovascular systems and muscles to the point where they build up to better endure their exercises and activities PROVIDED (and this is the main point) THEY DO ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING…

In addition to rest, and the real purpose for rest is that it allows one’s body enough time to recover and adapt to the activities required of it. Can you see this? One breaks the tissue down with activity, and then through rest, and time off, the tissue REBUILDS itself stronger so that it is better able to handle the stress and workload. If it doesn’t do this, the body will still adapt but will do so with regard to the relentless stress and forces being applied to it. This is where the arthritic changes and limit motions and even chronic pain come from. They have been adapted into the body, the brain, the mind, and the spirit. These pains and disabilities are now YOU!

Think of a crisis situation, all hands on deck filling in holes with whatever, tearing good table clothes for bandages, cutting down trees to shore up walls…. None of this is optimal, but one has to cope. All of the damage will have to be repaired, but if one is still coping- it’s nothing but endless destruction as one tries to save something, and the damage, including that from the crisis itself, are never repaired. It never stops! This is exactly what happens to one’s body, mind and spirit when always in cope- non-stop destruction.

To learn more about what take stress to the next level, check back in on our next blog!