For quite some time many people have been asking why I decided to become a chiropractor. In case you missed the first part of the story you can find it here. Next, I will share the Ahhh Hahhh moment or the Disney moment when it all came clear.


I decided I could be a skinny wimp in a wheelchair, or a skinny wimp walking around, so I quit the heavy stuff.


Well, as it turned out, my dad was right. Dr. Houser was an absolute wizard. Within a short time most of my pain was gone, and as most can see- I’m up walking around.


It absolutely floored me what this guy could do with just his hands. To be in such agony, and then 10 minutes later pain-free and full of hope! To this day it still amazes me.


(Now here’s the Disney moment)… I knew right then and there that I wanted to learn how to do what Dr. Houser could do. I wanted to be able to deliver miracles to people who couldn’t find any. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It was what I had to do. It was soooooooooooooooooooooo cool when Houser would just touch areas, adjust areas and restore strength and relieve pain with just his hands and some magic knowingness. That’s the best way to describe it. He just knew where to put his hands and “poof” all better!


Dr. Houser helped me get into chiropractic college, and gave me my first job as a chiropractor. I would sit in his office and watch, and watch and watch, and when the patient would leave I would pull out my note pads and ask questions. I still have all of my old note pads- and wouldn’t you know it if anyone has seen my handwriting- I can barely read them!


I owe Dr. Houser and chiropractic more than I can ever repay. But I try. Each and every day, and with each and every patient I’ve seen over the past 33 years, I work as hard as I can to deliver that miracle, the one I received that day in Dr. Houser’s office sometime in the summer of 1981!


It was absolutely life-changing for me, and I want it to be life-changing for you.


Well, that’s my story. I’m sure I left out somethings like all the school and the fact that I still study techniques and methods to deliver the fastest, and best way to deliver that darn miracle! But I’m not really sure what else I would do. After all, when Tinker Belle gets you with her magic wand….


Best Wishes,


Dr. Dave