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For some time after I graduated from Chiropractic College, I would tell people that I was a chiropractor and they would tell me that was cool, and if they were ever in a car accident they would come to see me.


This always made me a bit sad because here it was that I knew all the great things chiropractic could do to help people, and this person really didn’t. I think this is what’s called a “communication gap”.


I never did see any of these people, so hopefully, they are still being safe motorists!


I thought I would take a moment and explain chiropractic philosophy and what it is that a chiropractor is trying to do with an adjustment.


Now before you start groaning, in a word, chiropractic can be summed up in one word- COMMUNICATION.


That’s it really. The early chiropractic philosophers described this thing called Innate Intelligence. It’s basically the soul or spirit, or great animating energy that not only energizes the body but also heals it and in fact created the body itself!


It was believed that all dis-ease or disease came from within the body, and not from the environment like the medical profession ascribes to. How was it that two guys who were born in the same hospital, grew up in the same town, worked in the same factory- how was that one was sick and the other wasn’t if the environment caused illness? It must have been something or some situation in the body that allowed the dis-ease or disease to take hold.


What the early chiropractic practitioners were trying to do was get the Innate Intelligence, that life energy back in communication with the body, and the body back into communication with the Innate Intelligence and through this communication, the body would recover and return to wellness.


In looking at the situation, the early chiropractic pioneers believed that the communication line used by the Innate Intelligence and the body was the nervous system, and the greatest number of nerves came out of the spine. Manipulate the spine, open the communication line and let the power of the Innate heal the body. Pretty simple. It wasn’t really about putting bones back into place.


For now, I’m going to leave it at that and allow that to sink in. Think about it, you are the healing energy that not only created the body but heals it and even makes it ill. That is some kind of power!


In the next blog, I’m going to expand on this and hopefully show you just how AMAZING each of us actually is!!!!!


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