Alright and Onto the Next Part!


If you read the earlier two blogs, and pretty much any of my other blogs what I am suggesting is that anything that sets the spirit free or handles, or treats the spirit- that is, those things that make you glad you are alive is really all you need to be well. Laughter, friendship, games, validation, acknowledgment- heck, the fun simply for the sake of fun is what keeps you ticking!


It will always be far more beneficial to help the spirit, that life energy, Innate Intelligence, soul- whatever you want to call it, than to worry about the body and treat the body. Sure you have to handle any health crises, and the body needs food and water and exercise, but it is the power of the spirit that creates life and energizes the body- not the other way around. The body is alive, but you are life!


Live and be alive, and know that you are, and have a blast doing it… there is no drug or surgery or even adjustment that will do this- just you and your abilities! Go PLAY as I wrote in one of my first blogs.


In the last blog, I talked about the reward for living… it’s basically, communication. Not cell phones and e-mails, but face to face, two living, breathing beings face to face and exchanging ideas, back and forth.


I know you’ve experienced this at one time or another. Just recall a time you were really in communication with someone. It was the greatest feeling in the world. You felt alive, and like anything was possible. Nothing hurt, you felt young, vibrant – simply amazing.


The chiropractic adjustment does this. It puts the life energy back in communication with the body, with others, and with the world. Anything that would block your being able to communicate will ultimately make you ill since the flow of communication is what makes you well. Drugs, medication, and alcohol come to mind as life communication barriers. Think about it. Look at your job, your relationships, your life, and lifestyle- do they promote an open flow of communication or block it? How do you feel? Do you feel alive and living? If so, you must be in communication, if not… something is in the way. BUT……………….


What’s cool- don’t worry about finding what’s in the way- JUST START COMMUNICATING AND THINGS WILL START TO WORK OUT AND COME BACK ALIVE, AGAIN!  And don’t worry about who to communicate, just find a living, breathing being and say, “Hello!” Watch what happens. (You might have to say more than just “Hello”!)


Hopefully, you kind of have a better idea of what the adjustment does, and what I’m trying to do with these blogs. When you really look at it, all of life is nothing but a series of games. They really aren’t that serious, and you can always invent a new one. All you have to do is start communicating and life will start popping up all around you!