In keeping with the themes of lifestyle, being one’s own health care provider and simply the spirit of play, I recently had the pleasure of meeting two people who, in my opinion, embody these ideas and concepts.


The first person has been steadily losing weight over the past couple of years and looks like an entirely different person.  This person asked me, “Do you know how I did it?” And went on to tell me how they started to pay attention to the foods that they ate, and how they felt. This person began reading and studying and discovered that almost everything they had been told about eating healthfully was wrong. This person began eating healthy fats and oils, lots of vegetables and avoiding grains. The weight just fell off. This person went on to tell me that years ago when they started with Weight Watchers they weighed 160 lbs, and quit when they were 235 lbs.


This is not an indictment on Weight Watchers or any diet program, but SOMETHING WAS OBVIOUSLY WRONG!!! And this person through study and paying attention to themselves self-discovered a pathway that worked for them. This is an amazing story.


The other person had a history of asthma and needed to use a steroid inhaler every day. This person began studying the effects of inflammation and decided to eat more de-inflammatory foods simply because this person wanted to feel better.


As they changed their diet, this person began to notice they needed less and less of the steroid inhaler to the point where they were at 0 dose. In addition to this, this person also had to use a Rescue Inhaler for hiking at altitude. After several high altitude hikes, this is no longer the case. Amazing- all this from eating de-inflammatory foods and paying attention to themselves.


The point is these people were looking to create a better quality of life and did so through dietary changes. Dietary changes is only one way, and a pretty good way, but not the only way to create a better quality of life.


These people weren’t treating diseases or managing criseses, they just wanted more life, more livingness and to be more at cause over their futures. They found ways that worked for them, and are so much better for it! To learn more check back for part two of this blog written by “The Wizard.”