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Patients often ask me how I know what to adjust, or for that matter, how I learned to adjust. Most come to the conclusion that I do it all by feel, which is probably the case. And as far as feeling goes, that came from thousands and thousands of adjustments over a 35-year career.


Most are amazed at how incredible they feel afterward and are very interested in what it is I’m doing and why it works so well.


This is the million-dollar question that everyone, including chiropractors, has been trying to answer since it was first invented in the late 1800s.


In my opinion, it’s really just intention – I intend to help, I intend to make a change, I intend that you feel better, and that is what you feel. It is my intention to help improve conditions in the life of others.


Many years ago when my kids were younger, if I was sitting around or laying there, they would come up to me, grab my arm or my head, or hop on my back and tell me that I needed a ‘jusment’. And I gotta tell you, while their technique was awful, I always felt better because of their intention to help me. Intention – that is the “medicine” and THE thing that makes it all work!
So think of a time that you were helped or felt better. If it was a body thing was it the adjustment, the pill or surgery? Or was it just that someone cared enough to let you know that you mattered and intended to help you?  It is an interesting thought, and in my opinion, it was always the intention.


The intention is the cause!
While people are willing to try or do almost anything to feel better and look better the best way, in my opinion, is to help others do better in life. So if you would like to feel better, then help someone else feel better. As you can see, you would not have to be a doctor or minister or anything like that to help others feel or do better. I just intend to make a difference. Intend to care. I just intend to help, and you will! And I can think of no greater feeling and no greater sense of feeling alive than to see others do well in life.