Healthcare and Chiropractic Care


I hope everyone has been enjoying these blogs. Again, health care is simply not going to the doctor and getting a pill or surgery. Your health, your wellness, and the life you live are all created by you. I would love to tell you to do this or that and all will be well, but it hasn’t worked like that from the beginning of time, and it doesn’t work like that now.


It is my hope that these blogs get you to look at life and your role in life a little differently and in a way that we can all win and enjoy our time together!


If you read any of the earlier blogs you will see that I am quite a proponent of self-management, and being your own health care provider. Not because I say so, but it’s the only way it works. You make yourself well, you make yourself unwell. This is based on your lifestyle and the relationships you keep with yourself, your significant other, the groups you belong to, mankind, plants and animals, the physical universe, you as a spiritual being and through a Supreme Being. This stabilizes a person in the world around him or her and allows that person to decide and determine what is best for them.


It seems as the years go by medical science is coming up with an endless line of new diseases and disorders- almost daily there is something new to worry about that could put each of us and those we love into an early grave. This is going to get you, now this will, no, this will… AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  This is very confusing and quite scary, and if you did everything every doctor or health guru told you to do, well, you probably wouldn’t be hard to read this blog!


But what if there really weren’t that many diseases or disorders, you know? What if all the diseases and disorders are known to man, and those that haven’t been invented yet by some drug company all stemmed from misunderstanding and a few basic outpoints that you could understand and actually had the ability to control?


Take a look at a few of these outpoints and think of the many diseases and disorders that come from them:
     1. Stress and improper breathing,
     2. No sleep, not enough sleep and improper rest,
     3. inflammation,
     4. Poor nutrition,
     5. No exercise or improper exercise,
     6. Out of contact with the natural world,
     7. Simply out of communication with other living beings.


I will address each of these in future blogs, but of them all, the only thing that is really “wrong” with a person is that he or she is out of communication with the people and the living world around them. The scarcity of communication is THE main outpoint.  Get in communication with others and the world around you and you will be well.


I’m not saying it will be easy, but try it and see how much better you feel. Don’t believe me?


Next time you go to the gym, don’t say hello to anyone or acknowledge that they are there, put your headphones on, stare at your phone, take pictures of people messing themselves up doing stupid exercises that you could have helped them with, and drive home all alone. Now tell me how good you feel from your workout.


Well, I’m probably near the end of my word count so I’ll leave it at this for now.


It will never be about how many carrots sticks you eat or push-ups you do. There will never be any magic pill. The “cure” you are looking for, and drug companies would pay trillions of dollars to have is simply those people you surround yourself with each day. Those people you talk to, those people you care about.


See that guy who just walked by? Believe it or not- he is the answer to your problems. Just go ask him, and make not only yourself well, but for him too!